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Running around Lord Howe

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Contributed by Denis Corcoran: I’m not a self-proclaimed seasoned professional, but let’s lay down some facts. Endorphins from running make you happier. Fact. Lord Howe is naturally beautiful. Fact. A fact plus a fact = irrefutable evidence that running on Lord Howe Island is a rewarding treat. So here are three of Lord Howe’s best, for all levels of energy and enthusiasm. 

The Light Jog
One for the casuals, after all, you’re most likely on holiday! Stephens Reserve. It’s a light 1.5km flat circuit, weaving in and out of Banyan trees. At only 10-20 minutes it’s a cracking choice for a casual run where you can concentrate on your footwork and breathing. There’s also time to stop and marvel at the captivating Banyan trees (when you warm down). The entrance and exit to this track are opposite the hive of Boatsheds in town.

The Fun Run 
Starting opposite the Liquor Store, up and over Transit Hill, down to Blinky Beach and back up the Airport road. This run will take the average runner around 25-35 minutes. With a mixture of board walks, steps, stairs and dirt tracks, you’ll keep your toes up. Darting down the backside towards Blinky Beach is more of a ‘knees up’ tree-root dodging exercise, ensuring your eyes are moving in tandem with your feet. Then peeling back up the airport strip lays down the mental challenge for a good old fashion pavement pounding. How much gas is left in the tank to bring it on home? Really open those lungs, stretch those legs and let the endorphins float you home. It’s short and fun.

Full Steam
For the more advanced leg stretchers, try the next level. Up and over Intermediate Hill. You have to make your way down the southern end of the island on foot and start your ascent at the entrance to the Goathouse Cave track. Scamper up to Smoking Tree Ridge where you’ll turn left and continue climbing the ridge towards the top of Intermediate Hill. It’s a peak of 250m high and there’s a chance to catch a breath from the top as you gaze at Balls Pyramid in the distance. Descending down the north ridge spits you out at the bottom of the airport where you’ll coast on home along the road. Factoring in a start and finish from Pinetrees, this run will take the average runner around 60 minutes.


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