The Locals' Guide - Lord Howe Island


Climbing to the Saddle

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Thursday, November 08, 2018

The Lower Road on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Luke Hanson: Certain death? Unlikely. Vertigo? Maybe. Sore legs and a few scratches? Probably. Best walk of your life? Definitely. Welcome to Mt Gower. At 875 vertical metres above sea level, Mt Gower is one of the highest vertical climbs in Australia and people come from around the world for the challenge. Make no mistake – the correct word is “climbing”, and you need Dean Hiscox to guide you.  …Read More


The Little Waterfall

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Friday, October 19, 2018

Contributed by Geordie Tennant: Dark, rich mud squelches between my toes as we wander up the narrow valley. I kicked my shoes off minutes ago, lured by the cool, slick ground, enjoying the feeling of the earthy sludge beneath my soles. It’s been raining on and off for two days and the ground is soaked and smooth.  …Read More


Meet the locals - Dani Rourke

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Thursday, August 02, 2018

Dani Rourke, the owner of Pinetrees Lodge, shows what it takes to run TripAdvisor's No.1 Hotel in Australia. It's hard to juggle 75 guests, 30 staff and 2 kids, but Dani's persistence and grace have transformed the guest experience (and the staff experience) to something truly unique. If you're wondering how a boutique family-run hotel on Lord Howe Island can mix it with the best corporate hotels and luxury lodges in the country, then watch this beautiful video about Dani. (By the way, she hates her husband, Luke, and film-maker, Andy Lloyd, for making her endure projects like this.....). …Read More


Kayaking on the Lagoon

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Monday, July 30, 2018

Contributed by Luke Hanson: We arrived at Dean Hiscox’s boatshed and collected wetsuits, life jackets, paddles and kayaks and set forth. The weather was perfect for a kayak expedition to North Bay, and despite a few nerves from those who hadn’t paddled much before, we headed straight for the inside of the reef. You see, local knowledge and a guide go along way – while the lagoon had a reasonable southerly breeze, the inside of the reef provided shelter and the water was almost glassy. The best bit, though, was that the gentle wind swell pushed us from south to north, all the way to North Bay. It was so easy that our sorest muscles were the ones we were sitting on. …Read More


Rabbit Island

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rabbit Island on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Geordie Tennant: Resting sheltered in the centre of Lord Howe’s aquamarine lagoon, just 700 metres off shore, is a small grass covered island. Its official name on local maps is Blackburn Island, although locally it’s known as Rabbit Island. …Read More


East Coast Route

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hells Gate on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Luke Hanson: Lord Howe is an island of two coasts, and each is distinct in many ways. The west coast is dominated by the mountains and the lagoon – drama and tranquillity in one view, while the east coast is rugged, exposed and relatively remote. On a good day (in westerly winds), the east coast is sheltered and warm, but don’t be fooled because you’ll be walking in a landscape that is shaped by volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, cyclones and raw ocean power.  …Read More


Australian Geographic Expedition to Lord Howe

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Friday, July 20, 2018

The Australian Geographic Expedition to Lord Howe Island, supported by the CSIRO, led 20 citizen scientists to some of Lord Howe Island’s remotest corners. Along the way, they discovered two new species of wasp and soldier fly. …Read More


The Locals’ Guide to Lord Howe Island is written by Denis Corcoran, Pia Funch, Luke Hanson, Geordie Tennant and Dani Rourke. We regularly visit the island’s iconic locations (and our secret spots) in different conditions, seasons and times of day (by foot, bike, kayak, boat and snorkel), and hope to share our experiences with you. If you need some travel inspiration, details on locations and the best activities, or just a brief online escape from your daily routine, then read our posts about life on Lord Howe Island.