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Pinetrees boatshed on Lord Howe Island

Boatshed: One of the best features of Pinetrees is our waterfront boatshed and deck. We're the only lodge on Lord Howe Island to have a waterfront position. The boatshed itself is a working boatshed – we store our outboard motors, surf boards, boat and various water craft there. We also have a hot shower and our famous honesty bar fridge for guest refreshments.

Outside the boatshed is the deck that overlooks the entire western side of the island, including the lagoon, Mt Lidgbird, Mt Gower, Mt Eliza and Rabbit Island. It's a spectacular location to spend some time reading, chatting or just lazing about. Our umbrellas provide cool shade in the summer and there's always sun in the winter. Any time of day is good, and you can often find yourself alone for hours during the day. In the evening, most guests converge on the boatshed deck for sunset drinks, and sometimes canapés. If our guests have been successful on their fishing trips, there might be some kingfish or tuna sashimi to pass around as well.

Tennis court: Our tennis court is available for guest use any time of day. It's fastidiously maintained and good tennis players appreciate the bounce. We provide rackets, balls and even some Dunlop Volleys for people without tennis shoes. 

Lounge: Our lounge is built on foundations that are over 100 years old and part of the original homestead. Our couches are really comfortable, and provide a perfect perch for some time with your book, the newspaper or any one of our current magazines. The lounge is also a hive of activity after dessert when our plate of fine cheeses and trimmings is available with tea and coffee.

Day spa: The Pinetrees Day Spa offers massage and facial treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate. Our massage products from LI’TYA are made with organic or sustainably wild harvested Australian native ingredients, and blended with the highest quality botanical bases. LI’TYA products do not contain sulphates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils. A one hour massage is $100, and more indulgent packages are available. Our beauty products from ASPECT contain chirally corrected active ingredients in the highest concentrations and are sourced from the world's most advanced pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies. They use certified organic ingredients and are free of pesticides, parabens, perfumes and dyes. A one hour facial is $105 and selected ASPECT retail products are available.

Laundry: Some guests travel to Lord Howe with very little, so it's essential for them to wash their clothes. We provide two washing machines and a dryer in our guest laundry for use at any time. We also have a large clothes line.

Babysitting: We love kids. If you wish, we can help you find a local babysitter. Guests make their own payment arrangements with babysitters, but it's usually $20-30 per hour.

Kids' dinner: Our kids' dinners have been served for generations. We serve simple food that kids like, with ice-cream and topping for dessert. Kids' dinner is at 6:00pm (6:30pm in summer). Of course, if your kids have allergies or just strong likes and dislikes, please let us know. Most parents keep a watchful eye on proceedings from the bar, and they're often amazed by how well their children eat in the company of other children. After dinner, kids can enjoy the freedom and safety that Lord Howe provides, or have an early night. The two of you can enjoy a romantic dinner together.

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"There is nowhere in the world like Lord Howe Island - incredibly beautiful, with uncrowded beaches, mountains, natural wilderness, kilometres of walks and spectacular marine life."

Tom, Paddington, NSW