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Kayaking on Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is an adventure playground with world-class snorkelling, diving, fishing, kayaking, swimming, walking, bird watching and surfing. We also have a fascinating history and unique lifestyle. The following list of recommended activities and tours will help you experience the very best that Lord Howe has to offer. Most are dependent on weather, tide and a minimum number of guests, so please book early to avoid disappointment. These activities and tours can be charged directly to your Pinetrees account – just make a booking at the Pinetrees Office.

Outer Reef Snorkel
Lord Howe Island has over 90 species of coral and 500 species of fish, and the best place to experience this rich diversity is on the outer reef. Snorkel at four different sites, including Erscotts Hole, which is one of the most beautiful coral gardens in the world.

Coral Viewing Cruise
Observe our wonderful marine life through the glass bottom boat, with the option for a quick snorkel at one site. It’s a great introduction to the southernmost coral reef in the Pacific.

North Bay Cruise and BBQ
Spot turtles, snorkel a ship wreck and explore the beaches, coves and forests at North Bay. When you need a break, enjoy a relaxing lunch BBQ at our historic picnic shed.

Around Island Adventure Snorkel
Snorkel where few people have snorkelled before, and see big schools of fish, turtles and thousands of seabirds. Enjoy the attractions of an around island cruise and then ‘jump in’ for a snorkel along the way. The snorkel sites are mesmerising.

Little Island Experience
Enjoy a leisurely afternoon walk to Little Island, below the enormous cliffs of Mt Lidgbird, and lose yourself in the Jurassic Park landscape. During autumn and winter, you’ll see millions of rare Providence petrels. Just call out and see what happens…

Mt Gower Climb
Mt Gower is one of the most famous and challenging day walks in the world. Over 875 vertical meters, you’ll experience subtropical reef, ancient forests, rare wildlife and views to die for (literally if you step too far off the route). You must be very fit and have a good head for heights!

Interpretive Reef Walk
Explore one of the many coral reefs or intertidal rock shelves at low tide and discover the mico-world of Lord Howe Island. In every pool and under every rock is a complete ecosystem. Remember the feeling of exploring rock pools as a child? It’s still the same.

Admiralty Islands Kayak
Paddle a kayak to the Admiralty Islands for a genuine ‘blue water’ kayak adventure. If conditions are suitable, you can paddle through Roach Island and have a story to tell for years to come.

Outer Reef and Lagoon Kayak
Kayaking on the lagoon is safe, serene and almost meditative. If you’d like your nagging anxieties to subside, then join a kayak trip and enjoy one of the best ways to be ‘in the here and now’. While the views are stunning, kayaking is just as much about the blissful state of mind.

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