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The Island Trader on Lord Howe Island

Shopping: There are two general stores at Lord Howe Island. Joys Shop sells most grocery items, fresh fruit, vegetables and souvenirs. Thompsons Store sells grocery items, gifts, souvenirs and fishing gear. Both general stores sell fresh bread. The Top Shop sells meat, fruit and vegetables. 

The CBD is also home to the Lord Howe Island Post Office, the Community Hall, and Anchorage Cafe (which is open 7 days and serves great coffee, light meals and bakery items).

Art and craft: Kenny Lees is a great local photographer and sells beautiful prints. Ginny Retmock runs 'Ginny's Shed' where you can buy island artwork and distinctive hand-painted textiles. 

Health and beauty: There are two day spas on the Island, as well as the Pinetrees Spa.

Transport: There's no public transport at Lord Howe Island. Pinetrees provides Island airport transfers. We almost always go out in the mornings to collect the bread and the post and deliver the BBQ hampers. We're happy to give you a lift to your destination and you can make your own way back to Pinetrees - just ask us at breakfast. If you can ride a bike, then it's best to hire a bike from Wilson's Hire Service for the duration of your stay. You can hire a car from Wilson's Hire Service, Thompsons Store or Leanda-Lei. It's best to book early as there are only 5 hire cars on the Island. The speed limit at Lord Howe is 25km/hour. People wave at each other on the road. By the end of your stay, you'll be waving too.

Medical: The local GP, Dr Frank Reed, is based at The Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital on Lagoon Road. Clinic hours are 9:00am - 12:00pm weekdays and you can call the hospital on 6563 2000 for an appointment. The hospital also has a pharmacy. There is an after hours service for emergencies. Since the hospital has limited staff, an air ambulance is sometimes called to transfer emergency patients to hospital in Sydney.

Money: Commonwealth Bank has a branch on the Island which is open for limited hours. There's an ATM at the Bowling Club, you can withdraw cash at the post office and credit cards are accepted at most Island businesses.

Interpretation: The Lord Howe Island Museum is well worth a visit - and is one of the best options in wet weather! It has interesting cultural and environmental displays, a small shop selling Lord Howe Island souvenirs.

Tourism: There are snorkelling and coral viewing trips, diving trips, fishing trips, scenic boat charters, guided walks and climbs, cultural tours and environmental tours. The Pinetrees noticeboard has details and a free local phone that you can use to contact tour operators.

Churches: There are Anglican, Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist churches on the Island. Visitors are welcome at Saturday and Sunday services.

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