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Where to have a BBQ on Lord Howe

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Contributed by Pia Funch: On Lord Howe Island, having a barbecue is a world-class experience. It’s such an integral part of everyday life with a true island vibe.

The barbecue areas are fully serviced by the Lord Howe Island Board and firewood is always available (free of charge). All you have to do is gather kindling and light the fire. Each spot has something unique to offer whether you feel like having breakfast with a view, lunch on the beach or a romantic sunset dinner by the lagoon.

Neds Beach
Neds Beach is the ultimate barbecue heaven. Neds is famous for its sanctuary zone with marvellous snorkelling and fish feeding just a few metres from shore. There are three barbecue spots at Neds. The first spot is near the entrance and is a perfect spot for families as it’s sheltered under the trees. The second spot is located to the left of the entrance in a little grass corner with Kentia palms on one side and a little path to the beach on the other side. The last spot is behind the shed, where you’ll find both wood and gas barbecues. This spot is very popular due to the proximity of the shed and the beach.

Wind conditions: Best on a west, south or southeast wind
Public toilet: Yes
Best for: Breakfast and lunch
Hot tip: Bring some coins for the fish feeding dispenser and the rental honesty box
Fun fact: The Hollywood movie The Shallows was filmed at Neds

Old Settlement Beach
Old Settlement beach is a favourite in an east wind and a high tide. The beach is famous for its grazing sea turtles and calm waters. There are three barbecue areas here, all with plenty of space. Pack your esky, bring some snorkelling gear and spend the afternoon inside a holiday postcard.

Wind conditions: Best on an East wind
Public toilet: Yes
Best for: Breakfast and lunch
Hot tip: Bring a camera and snorkel gear to swim with the turtles
Fun fact: The only mangroves on the island grow near Old Settlement Beach

Wilsons Landing
Wilsons Landing is a little barbecue area near the jetty. It’s perfect for when the Island Trader is being unloaded or when the kids feel like having some jetty-jumping fun at high tide. It’s not the best spot to stay all day but good for a little break from fishing or any kind of jetty-related activities.
Wind conditions: Any (except really bad weather of course)
Best for: A short lunch break
Public toilet: Yes
Hot tip: Go on a high tide so you can jump from the jetty.
Fun fact: The MV Island Trader is a special built vessel for operations in delicate marine environments. It brings Christmas to the island every second week as all the goods from the mainland arrive.

The Pines
Under the Pines is located in the cute little “CBD” of the island, and it’s convenient for everything. You can have some fun on the pontoon before lunch or have a dinner barbecue with a spectacular sunset. There are two barbecues and there’s light at night - Lord Howe Island civilisation at its best.

Wind conditions: Best on an wind
Public toilet: At the Public Hall
Hot tip: Under the Pines is the only place with outdoor wifi and espresso
Fun fact: Glowing mushrooms can be seen at Stevens Reserve just opposite the pines after heavy rain. So if the weather turns really bad, there’s still something fun to do.

The Aquatic Club
There’s a large area with two barbecues next to the Aquatic Club with gorgeous views of the lagoon. There’s no shade here. Instead, there’s a light for the perfect evening barbecue. Also, it’s the perfect sunset spot where you get to see the mountains change colour until the stars take over the night sky.

Wind conditions: Best on an easterly wind
Best for: Late afternoon picnic or dinner
Public toilet: Yes, down a small path leading to the playground
Hot tip: Bring mosquito repellent
Fun fact: This is our favourite spot for time-lapse photos so don’t worry too much if you see a go-pro lying around somewhere

The Playground
The playground is a great spot for big family reunions as there’s plenty of space for a lunch party. The barbecue area is sheltered and the little ones can run around and play happily ever after.

Wind conditions: Any
Best for: Breakfast and lunch
Public toilet: Yes
Hot tip: The beach is just a pathway away
Fun fact: This is one of the only playgrounds in the world without cat poo in the sand

Cobbys Corner
Cobbys Corner is the only barbecue area south of the airstrip. Its idyllic surroundings make it a much loved and appreciated place for a day of bonding-time. It’s also perfect for a well-deserved rest after a long walk up the Goathouse Cave or Mount Gower.

Wind conditions: Best on an east or south wind
Best for: Breakfast and lunch
Public toilet: No
Hot tip: Bring a hammock
Fun fact: The “tip shop” at the waste management facility nearby is worth a visit

North Bay
North Bay is the most secluded picnic and barbecue area in Lord Howe Island. The only way to get there by foot is by walking up the Kims Lookout track from Old Settlement Beach. There are a few gas barbecues there as well as a shed. The most popular way to have lunch at North Bay is by booking a tour with a barbecue included or find a tour-operator with a boat “taxi service” where you can bring your own esky.

Wind conditions: Any, it’s a sheltered spot
Best for: Lunch
Public toilet: Yes
Hot tip: Old Gulch, the Herring pools and Mount Eliza (accessible from March to September) are only a few hundred metres away from the picnic area
Fun fact: The beach at Old Gulch is called Boulder beach. Wonder why!

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