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The Little Waterfall

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Monday, February 02, 2015

The Little Waterfall on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Lena Thompson The days leading up to Christmas on the island were pearlers. Christmas Day was even better. I’d been hanging with some new and old friends over this period and was feeling so blessed with the weather situation, as Lord Howe Island can often be quite unpredictable. This time last year on the island, there was no rain for a few months, my showers got shorter and shorter and I wasn’t too happy after a day of activities paired with a monitored shower.

With a few major downpours, this summer has been very different. Not only meaning that I can indulge myself in a bath, but I can also head up to one of my favourite spots on the island – Little Waterfall. It seemed that the rain gods had read my mind this year, and just after Boxing Day I was graced with the gift of the Little Waterfall coming alive to top off 2014.

To be honest, I think why I love the Little Waterfall so much is because of the fact that not everyone who visits the island knows where to find it. Even if they can see the Big Waterfall up on Mt Lidgbird from a faraway distance, many people just wouldn’t know how to find both waterfalls. It’s all about the mystery isn’t it? Mystery is what keeps people intrigued and I feel this with the Little Waterfall even though I know where it is.

It’s truly a mystical place that’s not too far off the Little Island walking track. Once you’ve started to make your way down the track, you’ll only find this beautiful little sanctuary after an inundation of rain and an ear for running water. Once you’ve found the discreet little path, it’s a short yet slippery walk that makes you weave through vines, palms and mossy decomposing trees, yet it’s so quiet and that’s why I love it.

Anytime it has been raining heavily, the first thing that pops into my mind is whether or not the waterfall will be running. I hate just sitting inside when the weather is crap, and I’m definitely one of those crazy people that run outside and dance in their swimmers when it’s raining. I’m not crazy; it’s just a beautiful feeling.

Speaking of beautiful feelings, I’ve had some of my most cherished memories up at the waterfall. One was a day I walked up there with my two sisters Rosie (11) and Oki (7), and my two cousins Lauren (21) and Ella (18). We’d all had such a busy year and were all at different stages of our lives, yet we take the time to congregate on Lord Howe each summer. Until just recently, our grandparents only just had us five granddaughters…how lucky! For me, it was so nice to have all of us granddaughters together rekindling that closeness that had temporarily faded for the year due to life on the mainland.

It’s such a common thing to lose touch with your family due to the humdrums of life, and where better to reconnect than a secret waterfall…

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