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Sunset at Lovers Bay

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Thursday, January 25, 2018

Contributed by Pia Funch: Lovers Bay is a little secluded picnic and beach spot close to Mount Lidgbird on the southern part of Lord Howe Island. This little bay is famous for being the most romantic spot on the island and it’s not hard to understand why. Lush grassy hills, the emerald green slopes of the mountains, the reef meeting the South-pacific Ocean and the calm waters of the island’s 6 km wide lagoon are what surround this hidden little gem down south. The word beautiful might be very subjective but it’s the perfect way to describe the surroundings of Lovers Bay. Everywhere you look is beautiful! The dream-like landscape may well be the reason for why the presence of love is so strong in this little spot.

Year after year, devoted couples follow tradition and decide to give each other their “I do” at Lovers Bay in between the “in memory of” benches dedicated to loved ones from the past. One is easily tempted to try to feel and imagine all the wonderful moments of love that have been shared here between people. Anyone who gets to experience a moment at Lovers Bay has been given a gift forever. The memory of living life at its best!

Whether you’d like to share a moment with that special someone, a friend or yourself, Lovers Bay will look after you because all kinds of love are welcome here.

The best time to feel the love is in the late afternoon as the golden afternoon glow sets. Even the sun seems to put up a romantic show here in the early evening. As it slowly sets over the distant ocean, the colour of the sky changes from light blue to orange, and the mountains change from dark green to pink. The changing colours of serenity encapsulates the tiny bay in a spectacular time lapse which continues until the moon rises and the stars to shine through. Watching the sunset anywhere on Lord Howe Island is spectacular. Watching the sunset at Lovers Bay is simply magical.

How to find it? The two characteristic Norfolk pines towering up in the sky near the sea will show the way. Back in the olden days, the pines were used as navigation posts to find Erscotts Passage in the lagoon. The outer reef waves are so close to shore that the soothing sea music supplements the romantic experience. How good is life!

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