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How to Plan a Lord Howe Day

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Contributed by Pia Funch: Lord Howe Island is beautiful and peaceful. It’s almost impossible to find on a world map, which is probably why some people assume that there’s only so much you can do here. What many people don’t know is that Lord Howe Island is perfectly designed. You have to see it to believe it. Even some of the most well-travelled individuals are stunned by the amount of must-dos on the island. And the more time you spend here, the more there is to explore and discover. It’s like a blessed curse. Once the island puts its magical spell on you, you want to come back for more.

Diving in the world’s most southern coral reef, feeding wild fish, climbing a mountain, relaxing on white sand beaches, exploring rock pools, cooking wood-fired barbecues, snorkelling, coral viewing, swimming with turtles, walking marvellous trails, kayaking, getting a massage, surfing, tasting local kingfish. The list goes on and on.

It might seem like an impossible task to do all of these things without needing a holiday from your holiday. However, planning a day on Lord Howe Island is actually quite simple and easy. We’re so spoiled here. We only do things in the best conditions because there’s always something perfect for the prevailing weather. All you need to do is look at the weather forecast.

It’s so simple and convenient to let Mother Nature do all the planning. You don’t have to worry about a thing. The sky will literally point out the best place to be and the best thing to do on the island on any given day.

If it’s windy on the western side of the island, head to the eastern side. If it’s sunny, have a barbecue, if it’s not, go for a hike. If it’s low tide, head to Middle Beach and spot marine life up close. If it’s high tide go to Old Settlement Beach and swim with turtles. If it rains, go and see a waterfall. Here are a few ideas:

Westerly wind - Sunny - Snorkel and have a barbacue at Neds Beach

Westerly wind - Cloudy - Walk the Mutton Bird Point/Rocky Run/Intermediate Hill loop and maybe have a sandwich and a swim at Boat Harbour as well

Easterly wind - Sunny - Picnic or barbecue at Old Settlement beach or Cobbys Corner

Easterly wind - Cloudy - coral viewing tour or kayak trip in the lagoon

Northerly wind - Hike the Goat House trail on Mount Ligdbird

A little rain - Walk Stevens Reserve 

A lot of rain - Find a waterfall or visit the museum

One of the best memories to take home from a visit to Lord Howe Island is the feeling of being able to enjoy the simple things in life. So follow the colours of the wind and feel the freedom!

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