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Getting cosy at Cobbys Corner

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Thursday, December 14, 2017

Relaxing at Cobbys Corner on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Denis Corcoran: Cobbys Corner is the southern-most BBQ spot on Lord Howe and it’s tucked away in an idyllic and quiet corner of the island. In the right conditions with friends, family and a BBQ, there’s not many other places in the world you’d rather be. 

At Cobbys Corner, the world feels like it stands still, or at the very least, it slows right down and the intimacy of your surroundings comes back into focus. Under the shade of twelve giant Norfolk Pines, there are two iconic Lord Howe Island BBQs.

It’s the natural features in this little pocket of the island that really add value to a good day out. The huge trees offer all-day shade, and a welcome respite from the summer sun.
The wooden debris littering the grassy knoll is the perfect kindling to spark your barbie. There’s enough space in between the two BBQs that you don’t feel like you’re cramping anyone’s style, although it’s Lord Howe, where people will walk over to you with a burning log in their hand and share the embers of their fire. Casual. Island style. NOTE: the author doesn’t condone walking around with a burning stick in his hand.

This could well be one of the only places left in NSW where you can cook on a wood fired BBQ. It’s like a step back in time, which is why the oldies love organising a BBQ at Cobbys for the kids – “let me tell you about when I was a boy….”. Where else can you have an empty stretch of white sandy beach with the sun setting over a peaceful lagoon whilst cooking an open fire BBQ for your family? Tick a few boxes?

Despite the fact that you’ll come away with that distinct smell of wood smoke BBQ in your hair, you’ll be feeling fresh after a dip in the lagoon.

Cobbys Corner is wedged between two low points through which the wind can blow - hard - from the east. So before you go there for the day, you need to pay attention to what the wind is doing. Anything blowing off the lagoon from the west - forget it. Go to Neds. Anything really strong, belting in from the east - be careful. The wind tends to sneak up and over the low sand dunes at Blinky and blows down the road in a vacuum-like-corridor to surprise you from behind. Misjudging the wind conditions is akin to having an uninvited and unexpected rowdy guest for lunch. But assuming you get good advice, or can read the weather like a local, you’re in for a good day.

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