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Christmas at Lord Howe

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Friday, January 03, 2014

Christmas on Lord Howe Island
Just before Christmas, one of our guests who was checking out said that he was disappointed that there wasn’t much Christmas spirit on Lord Howe. We were all a bit shocked. The Lord Howe Islanders love Christmas; we sing, we eat and drink too much and we wonder who will play Santa. But, like pretty much everything on Lord Howe, Christmas is kind of non-commercial. In fact it’s so low-key that one of our housekeepers went to the shop to buy some Christmas chocolates or candy canes to leave in the guests’ rooms on Christmas morning and failed to find anything suitable.

We have an enormous collection of photos of Christmas Day on Lord Howe and the Christmas events and parties we have in December each year, but because we’re busy over Christmas and New Year, I never seem to get around to putting them up on the blog. They always seem a bit out of date by February when things settle down a bit. So … in the interests of proving that we do have some Lord Howe Christmas spirit (although it’s different to, say, the QVB in Sydney), here are a few photos of Lord Howe at Christmas time.

We all get together to sing Christmas carols on the lawn outside Joys Shop a few days before Christmas. This year Clive and Melanie played the organ on the back of the truck. The girls in the choir sang beautifully. There was a stable built of palm logs and Mary arrived on the back of a horse. Baby Jesus was a real baby. The pre-schoolers were all dressed up as angels and shepherds to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – all except Pixie, who took off her wings and rolled in the dirt just before they went on.

Santa visits on Christmas Eve to give presents to all of the girls and boys who’ve been good. Ho! Ho! Ho! This year he arrived on the Board’s cherry picker, but he’s arrived by boat and by fire engine in the past. There’s a huge crowd and all of the kids get a present, even the visitors. Santa’s amazing, isn’t he? How does he do it? Some of them are terrified and some of them love Santa and want to give him a cuddle. Despite his jolly nature, he had clearly been watching and expressed an opinion on which kids were lucky to get presents “this one is a real surprise… Brodie, and another surprise… Ryan”. It was pretty quick this year, Santa didn’t muck around. He was in and out within about an hour. I suppose he has a busy schedule on Christmas Eve.

What did you do for Christmas at your place? I hope you had a good time!

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