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A dog's day on Lord Howe Island

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Sunday, February 08, 2015

Eddy the dog on Lord Howe IslandContributed by Lena Thompson The local people on Lord Howe Island live an idyllic lifestyle, and so do the local dogs. It must arguably be one of the best homes a pet could have. Meet Eddy, he’s a three-year-old red and tan kelpie with the luck of living in paradise.

Eddy’s day consists of:

6am – The lovely Liz picks me up and we have a leisurely walk down to Windy Point and back. We walk along the Lagoon and sometimes my canine friends are striding alongside me with their walkers.

7am – We arrive back home and I’m rewarded with a Schmacko treat from Liz. My owner then proceeds to give me my illustrious breakfast of dry food and lets me off the chain again to start my day of leisure. I stroll up alongside my owner to the family business. Just my luck it happens to be Blue Lagoon Lodge, which usually has a fresh rotation of guests weekly.

8am – I strategically place myself along the footpath of the lodge in order to get the maximum amount of attention and of course, pats. My owner sometimes wonders why I don’t have a bald patch on my head yet, but give me some time, I’m only three.

9am – I slowly move from my sunny spot where I was drying out after my morning walk/swim, to a more shady location on the property grounds. Near the office is where everyone enters - I know I can get some more attention here.

11am – After hours of affection from my visitor friends, I follow my owner down for morning tea where the ship workers are dropping off some food for the family storeroom. I hang around them because they’re always ready for a bit of frivolity.

12 noon – I’ll find another blindingly sunny spot on the lodge lawn and laze around for a while; the guests are mostly out now exploring the island, so it’s time for some real relaxation. I hear the palm trees rustling in the breeze and the faint crash of the waves on the reef, pure bliss.

1pm – I hear my owner walking home as he is finishing for the day, I quickly bolt after him to make sure I don’t miss out on my most favoured thing in the world - loose rides in the back of the truck!

2pm – The truck starts up and I get so excited, I sound like a kookaburra laughing his brains out. I don’t bark, I just laugh as the cool tropical breeze tickles my hairs as we glide along the Lagoon Road and down to Blinky Beach. My owner goes for a surf whilst I play on the beach.

8pm – We’ve been home for some time now and as I sit in my kennel and ponder the hard day I’ve just endured, my owner is preparing some fish for his dinner; I really hope I can have some too. As I think this thought, my owner steps out of the door and walks to my bowl. It’s just as if he’s read my mind, big juicy Kingfish! Lord Howe life is swell.

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