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A day to last forever

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Soldiers Cap from Malabar on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Pia Funch

Biking down Lagoon Road
I’m on my way back
from a day of walking adventure
off the beaten track

I’m cruising real slowly
it’s been a good day
made many new memories
I hope they never fade away

Woke up and had a coffee
packed a sandwich and some snacks
packed some more and I was ready
to be just me and my backpack

Went to Ned’s to have a look
and took too many photographs
found a coin for the dispenser
fed the fish and had a laugh

Found the trail to the hills
of Kims Lookout and Malabar
walking up and up and up
the views were so spectacular

Saw some sooty terns fly off the cliffs
like torpedoes in the air
the wind was easterly and salty
blowing fresh in my hair

The trail took me to North Bay
a secluded paradise
explored Mount Eliza and Old Gulch beach
and its secret pools at low tide

I went back and found Old Sett’ beach
took my shoes off in the sand
dipped my toes in the water
and got myself a little tan

Went to swim around the corals
and saw a shark that wasn’t dangerous
then I swam with a sea turtle
felt so happy and adventurous

Biking down Lagoon Road
what a journey that I’ve entered
used my photographic memory
for it all to be remembered

A day on Lord Howe Island
is a day to last forever
so much to see and do and feel
in this natural treasure

As the sun starts glowing gold
in between the Kentia leaves
I stop and leave my bike in the sand
and I head towards the sea

The sun is setting with no rush
mutton birds are flying by
I sit and listen to them sing
as twilight colours change the sky

I could sit here till forever
and hear the sounds of the lagoon
and see the night sky over Rabbit Island
with light reflected from the moon

Now it’s time to say goodnight
time is passing by so fast
I start to walk but stop again
to look up and realise
that a thousand city lights
can never compare
to those of a million stars

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