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A day at Neds Beach

Posted by Pinetrees Lodge – Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Fish at Neds Beach on Lord Howe Island

Contributed by Pia Funch: Neds Beach is idyllic with its perfect crescent shape, clean creamy sand and multiple shades of turquoise blue. Located on the north-eastern tip of the island, the beach is surrounded by tall green hills and endemic Kentia palm forests. It feels secluded and exclusive.

Neds is a sanctuary zone with astonishing biodiversity off shore, and everything you need for a day of fun can be hired in the shed. It’s an oasis of serenity where amusement and relaxation work in perfect harmony.

Here are some things you’ll love to do at Neds (and no pre-bookings are needed).

Refresh yourself after a hike
The best way to finish a hike is by taking a well-deserved dip in the refreshing turquoise water. Walk up to Kims Lookout and Malabar Hill from Old Settlement Beach and return to Neds. The view from the top of Malabar Hill is all the motivation you need to dive into the blue waves waiting at the end.

Bird watching
Seabirds love Neds Beach too. From September to May, Fleshy-footed shearwaters breed on the coastline between Clear Place and Neds. You’ll see them at sunset when they return home after a long day of feeding at sea. Sooty terns also breed from September to February and are seen along the shoreline of the beach. By November, the chicks become adorable fluff balls. Watching these birds up close is a treat for any animal lover.

Have a BBQ
Neds is the ultimate BBQ location. With three large spots in three different areas of the beach, there’s plenty of space for everyone. They’re all special in their own way. Which one is your favourite? Yes, we actually ask each other this question. Beach life at its best.

Unwind with a view
Lord Howe Island is THE place to escape the hustle and bustle of the “real world”. No phones, no internet, and no worries. Neds is one of our top spots to read a book, draw, write or hang out with friends.

Pesky work
If you need to do some work on the island (yes, it’s frowned upon), then there’s no better place for setting up a mobile office in between the Kentia palms behind the beach. A few novels (and love letters) have been written in that spot.

Picnic and play
The grass area at Neds is a perfect spot for family time. There’s plenty of space for a picnic and fun for everyone. Bring a ball, a frisbee or play hide and seek. Enjoy the serenity together. You can even hire beach umbrellas from the shed if you choose a spot in the sand so the kids can splash in the waves next to you.

Hire a SUP and snorkelling gear
Neds shed is a mini information centre where you can hire snorkels, masks, SUPs, noodles and other water toys. Just put your money in the ‘honesty box’. The prices are displayed on the board. A snorkel and a mask can be hired for $3.50 for one hour. Bargain.

The Neds sanctuary zone is one of the only spots on the island where you can snorkel straight off the beach to perfect coral. Marine life such as turtles, octopuses, clown fish and Galapagos sharks are all found among the healthy coral. The diversity of coral and fish within metres of the beach is truly extraordinary.

When the swell is good, the surfboards are taken out from the bushes. Lord Howe Island is famous for its waves, and at Neds, the waves are easily accessible. The surf is clean, clear and uncrowded.

Feed the fish
Feeding the fish at Neds is an iconic activity on Lord Howe Island. Watch in astonishment as Silver-drummer, Trevally, Kingfish, Spankled emperor, Wrasse and Garfish come to shore and look at you with their big eyes. The food dispenser is located in the shed (you’ll need a dollar coin) and the designated fish feeding area is just in front of the shed. Follow the instructions on the board and get ready to have a lifetime of fun in five minutes. AND don’t hand feed the fish unless you want a love bite.

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