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The most important ingredient in our food is Lord Howe Island kingfish. It’s one of the best table fish in the world. Each day, local fishermen supply Pinetrees with top quality kingfish from the world’s most southern coral reef ecosystem. Often, the fish are caught by our guests.

Many Pinetrees guests stay for 10 days and eat kingfish every night, so variety in its preparation is essential. The signature ‘Fish Fry’ buffet features kingfish sashimi and sushi, followed by traditional beer-battered kingfish and chips. Some other dishes that showcase our kingfish repertoire are:

Pinetrees food on Lord Howe Island
Yoghurt marinated Lord Howe Island kingfish
with watermelon, mint and Persian fetta salad, and raspberry reduction

Olive crusted Lord Howe Island kingfish
with soft polenta, confit tomato, and salsa verde

Pan fried Lord Howe Island kingfish
with lemon risotto, fresh asparagus, and cherry tomatoes

Tataki of Lord Howe Island kingfish
with green mango and lychee salad

Herb marinated Lord Howe Island kingfish
with lemon preserve pilaf, and tomato, capsicum and fennel salsa

Miso glazed Lord Howe Island kingfish
with rice noodles, Asian greens, and shitake mushroom and mussel broth

Sound appetising? Many of our kingfish dishes are designed daily, depending on seasonal produce (and the mood of the chef). Some recent kingfish dishes have been served with:

  • scampi, and saffron beurre blanc

  • smoked kipfler potato cake, grilled eggplant and caponata sauce

  • spiced corn cake, avocado puree, cucumber and fennel salad and lemon

  • sweetcorn gnocchi, bok choy, fried tortilla and harissa

  • sweetcorn purée, kumara chips and sauce vierge

  • tomato and fennel braise and fried polenta

  • white bean purée, garden herb tabouli, and lemon and basil beurre blanc

  • in coconut and galangal broth with jasmine rice, snow pea and herb salad 

  • sweetcorn risotto cake, braised leeks, tomato and sage, and lemon beurre blanc

  • lemon myrtle kingfish with celeriac puree, brocolinni and micro herbs

  • On a fennel, pine nut and pernod risotto with citrus butter and shaved grana padano

  • sautéed spinach, cucumber and fennel salad and lemon

  • a crab and macadamia parcel and lemon and chive beurre blanc

  • avocado, fennel, tomato, cucumber, and fresh salad leaves

  • baby fennel, avocado purée, and salsa verde

  • braised leeks, caponata, and olive tapenade

  • cannellini beans, tomato, sage, and preserved lemon

  • cauliflower, chorizo gnocchi and pea froth

  • char siu sauce, coconut rice, bok choy, and lime and chilli dressing 

  • chermoula, Israeli cous cous and avocado vinaigrette

  • Jerusalem artichoke puree, witlof and fennel salad, and chive butter

  • porcini mushroom dust, truffled parsnip, and lemon hazelnut butter

  • potato colcannon, sautéed baby spinach and a cumin and lemon basil beurre blanc

  • pea puree, kipfler potato and eschallot salad and caper lemon butter 

  • roast sweet corn, white asparagus and avocado

  • asparagus and fennel salad, sautéed oyster mushrooms and pinenut butter

  • sweetcorn purée, polenta, and avocado vinaigrette

  • soft polenta, ratatouille, and basil beurre blanc

  • asparagus salad, cherry tomatoes, roast capsicum, and tatziki

  • asparagus, saffron braised Jerusalem artichokes and confit cherry tomatoes

  • potato galette, asparagus puree and tomato sugo

  • pumpkin tagine, and pomegranate and pinenut butter

  • pumpkin, ricotta, and spinach rotolo, and lemon caper butter

  • purple congo potato, celery salad, black pudding, and saffron beurre blanc

  • rice pilaf, spinach dhal, fresh asparagus, and fennel seed yoghurt

  • ricotta gnocchi, black pudding, and Jerusalem artichoke sauce

  • roast capsicum and olive tapenade, crispy polenta, and cauliflower purée

  • roast pumpkin and fennel salad and jamon butter

  • roasted eggplant mash, pumpkin, spinach, and lemon tahini beurre blanc 

  • duchess kumara, green beans, and finger lime beurre blanc

  • Greek salad, and balsamic vinaigrette

  • fondant potato, pancetta scallops and beurre blanc

  • on roast parsnip and pumpkin, with eschallot and pimento roulie 

  • chicken and ginger broth, and sweetcorn rice

  • soba noodles, ginger and miso broth and soy caramel

  • herb crusted cod fillet with potato and cauliflower mash, and lemon caper beurre blanc

  • baked in paper with tomato and cardamom, served with bok choy and steamed jasmine rice

  • warm kipfler potato salad, crispy jamon, and lemon caper beurre blanc

  • mashed potato, ratatouille, lemon, and olive oil

  • potato and pea purée, and lemon caper beurre blanc

  • sautéed purple congo potatoes, grilled asparagus, and saffron beurre blanc

  • apricot and fennel spiced cous cous, citrus hummus, and garlic yoghurt

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"Pinetrees stands out for its simplicity, timelessness and family-friendliness."

Ben and Melissa, Narrabeen, NSW