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Alasdair Nicholson at New Years Eve on Lord Howe IslandPinetrees has one of the oldest restaurants in Australia, and our family has hosted and fed six generations of visitors to Lord Howe Island. The restaurant has been run by a long line of fine chefs.

Our Executive Chef, Alasdair Nicolson, started in December 2013. Al worked for 8 years at Sydney's iconic Grand National, which was a 'One Hat' restaurant for 5 years before simplifying to a 'Two Schooner' gastro pub. Al's knowledge of Modern Australian, British and European cuisine is exceptional, and his blending of flavours and textures creates dishes that are relaxed, light and clean. Al wrote the recipes for The Lord Howe Island Cookbook

Al is assisted in the kitchen by Dennis Tierney, Lara Bisoni, Sam Benson and Mitja Kalitzki who have worked at some of Australia's best restaurants.

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"Pinetrees is centrally located to all places of interest, if not a short bike ride away."

Neil, Penshurst, NSW