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The Best Job in Australia to Film "the Most Perfect Place in the World"

JT and Weekend Sunrise - Lord Howe IslandIn September 2012, the Sydney Morning Herald reported American travel writer Lee Abbamonte’s description of Lord Howe Island as "the most perfect place in the world". A big claim, yes, but based on good evidence because he'd just travelled to 306 of the 321 countries in the world.

Lee was right - Lord Howe Island is spectacular. Its dramatic scenery, lush subtropical forests, pristine beaches and colourful marine life are unique. Sir David Attenborough once wrote that Lord Howe is “so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable… Few islands, surely, can be so accessible, so remarkable, yet so unspoilt.”

In recognition of its scenic beauty and biodiversity, Lord Howe was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1982. The list includes Uluru, Kakadu, Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. More recently, National Geographic named Lord Howe as one of its 'Places of a Lifetime'.

Pinetrees Lodge is the oldest hotel on Lord Howe Island, and one of the oldest family businesses in Australia. A typical Pinetrees experience includes snorkeling on the southernmost coral reef in the world, surfing perfect waves, catching 20kg kingfish, climbing dramatic mountains, relaxing on the beach, exploring beautiful rainforest, riding bikes to beach BBQs, and swimming in the pristine lagoon. After a memorable day, guests return to Pinetrees for a sunset drink on the waterfront deck and an exceptional 4 course dinner. Guests find the perfect balance between physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interaction and, well, some of life’s more enjoyable treats.

The Brief

This is the best job in Australia! We require a talented videographer to capture the Lord Howe Island experience. Clearly the purpose is to entice guests to the island, but we’d like the content to speak for itself. We don’t need cheesy ads. The activities on Lord Howe are all world class, and just capturing people enjoying their time snorkelling, surfing, fishing, climbing, biking, kayaking, diving and golfing should speak for itself. Of course, in order for the videographer to capture these experiences, he or she will need to do them all – in some cases multiple times. It’s that simple. Do everything Lord Howe Island and Pinetrees have to offer over a 2 month period and produce eight 3 minute video clips in a ‘travel documentary' style. The applicant will need to produce one video clip per week to distribute through social media.

The Deal

The successful applicant must be available to travel to Lord Howe on 30 August 2014 and return to Sydney on 2 November 2014. We will pay for flights between Sydney and Lord Howe Island at the start and end of the project. We will organize all Lord Howe activities, and provide accommodation and meals free of charge. We will also pay $1000 per week, plus superannuation and insurance.

The Applicant

The successful applicant should have: 

  • a genuine sense of adventure and enthusiasm for outdoor activities
  • experience in nature, outdoors, wildlife, lifestyle and travel videography
  • at least 5 years’ experience in video filming and production
  • his/her own video and production equipment for the project (including light and sound)

The Application Process

Applicants must submit a short 1 minute video that demonstrates their filming and production skills, and their creativity. The video must show people enjoying at least two outdoor activities such as surfing, snorkeling, swimming, biking, bushwalking, kayaking, climbing and diving in a location of the applicant’s choice. The video should be ‘travel documentary’ in style and entice the viewer to come to that location. Videos must be suitable for uploading to our Youtube page for judging, and submitted to Luke Hanson at with the subject ‘Best Job in Australia’. Applicants must also send CV to with a cover letter explaining why they would like to be considered for the project.

Applications close on 31 July 2014 and the successful applicant will be announced on 11 August 2014.

Please send all enquiries and applications to

Please send all media enquiries to Amy Miller at

Looking south from Mt Eliza - Lord Howe IslandPerfect conditions at Erscotts Hole - Lord Howe Island Photographing Sooty terns - Lord Howe IslandFrom the north ridge of Mt Gower - Lord Howe Island Kayak to North Bay - Lord Howe IslandCooking classes at Pinetrees - Lord Howe Island Group yoga class at Little Island - Lord Howe IslandA special moment - Lord Howe Island Weekend Sunrise on the 8th green - Lord Howe IslandFancy a swim? - Lord Howe Island The Razorback from Mt Gower - Lord Howe IslandYoga with Charlotte Dodson - Lord Howe Island Banyan - Lord Howe IslandLook out for woodhens - Lord Howe Island Elsie learning to swim - Lord Howe IslandCharlotte at Little Island - Lord Howe Island Fitness group near Goat House - Lord Howe IslandWilderness Week group below Mt Gower - Lord Howe Island Sunset drinks at Pinetrees - Lord Howe IslandOil slick conditions on the lagoon - Lord Howe Island Louise on the Lower Road - Lord Howe IslandRock pools at Middle Beach - Lord Howe Island Below Mt Gower - Lord Howe IslandCharlotte at Lovers Bay - Lord Howe Island Wilderness Week group near Blinky - Lord Howe IslandCooking with Tom Kime - Lord Howe Island

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