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Visit from the sexiest man on TV


We’ve just hosted – some say – the sexiest man on Australian TV and his film crew. Unlike the famous Oral B dentist, we can’t show you his face until you see it on television, but we can show you some ‘on location’ shots of our man at work. Judging by the number of besotted teenagers, honeymooners, mums and nannas who were never too far away, our man does have something that we mere ordinary men have lost through eons of evolution. But do you know what’s worse? Behind the scenes and smiles for the camera, he’s a lovely guy – and funny, and smart. We hear so many stories about pretentious celebrities, but rest assured, he’s not one of them.

These film crews work pretty gruelling days. A four minute segment on TV can take 2 days to film, and it felt like a push to get to the end of each day. Before they arrived, their ‘story researcher’ spent weeks organising story ideas and travel details to develop the ‘shoot schedule’ and ‘call sheet’. All up, it’s an expensive and complex operation – and we watch it for free. Yes we have to endure all those mindless ads, but the content itself is free. I never thought I’d plug commercial TV, but having seen how it works, it’s pretty good value in an age where we get charged something for just about everything we do.

What about the TV after work parties? There were none that we saw – they were in bed by 9pm each night. I’m sure they let loose every so often, just like we do, but they also have young kids, ageing parents, mortgages, sibling rivalries, work politics and only 4 weeks of holidays every year – just like we do. Next time you meet a TV celeb, forget about the autograph and just ask how they’re going – you may be surprised by the answer you get!

Bondi Vet on the Lower Road - Lord Howe Island

Looking north - Lord Howe Island

The boardshorts shot on Blinky Beach - Lord Howe Island

Perfect conditions for filming - Lord Howe Island

Chick magnet? - Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island barter

Interview at Pinetrees - Lord Howe Island

Lucky Dani - Lord Howe Island


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