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Travel journalists on holiday


Have you ever wondered where travel journalists go for a holiday? It may not seem like a stressful job, but think about the relentless frustration of airports, taxis, traffic jams, jet lag, new hotel rooms, layovers, language barriers, ordinary food and tourist touts – combined with research, deadlines, editorial pressure and a fear that people may not like what you’ve written.

We meet travel journalists, authors, bloggers and film crews on a regular basis – Lord Howe is a drawcard in the editorial media. They all see something different in the place, and their stories have a different angle – food, nature, people, activities, politics and gossip. The one thing they have in common is that, mostly, they seem ‘travelled out’ and in need of a comfy couch and a TV.

So imagine our surprise when one of Australia’s best known travel writers, Louise Southerden, showed up at Pinetrees for a holiday. Louise has been the Australian Travel Writer of the Year three times and has a mantelpiece full of awards. You’ve read her feature stories in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald and numerous magazines. She also writes travel books and blogs such as Louise’s mate, Emma Gardiner, is also a travel media professional – she promotes destinations, teaches media relations and writes features and blogs such as

At some stage Louise and Emma decided to have a holiday from travelling, and chose Lord Howe Island. The good thing about Lord Howe is that, without reliable internet, they can’t write blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts or email their latest article by COB Friday – even if they wanted to. Instead, they have to eat good food, watch the sunset, surf, walk, sleep and relax into a quiet massage. And good for them! It only takes a day on Lord Howe to leave ‘real world’ worries behind, and I can assure you that during our evening walk to Little Island, there wasn’t much chat about work.

Journalists on holiday - Lord Howe Island

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