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On the Cover of Great Walks Magazine


The Seven Peaks Walk on the cover of Great Walks MagazineOne of our photos has just appeared on the cover of Great Walks Magazine! Yes, the light was lovely, and yes, the photo was ‘directed’ by the Great Walks Production Editor who also featured in the shot, but that’s team work. The magazine also has a feature article about our new Seven Peaks Walk, and from the article we’re confident that the journo, Matt Gunn, had a good time - and he’s a hard man to challenge with a long CV of difficult walks including the Oxfam Trail Walk.

On that particular Seven Peaks Walk, we got to all of our iconic locations including the Herring Pools and the summit of Mt Gower. We even visiting the secret spot off Malabar late in the afternoon (and snapped the cover photo), and drank pristine water from the creek at Rocky Run. The highlight of the week, though, was the crazy behaviour of our endemic Providence petrels - they went berserk every time someone made a noise. Our descent of Mt Gower was hastened by the nutty birds nibbling on our heels, and crash landing into our bodies - one bird landed on my head as I negotiated the Get-up Place, with a 600 vertical metre drop below my feet. It's all in an Autumn day on Mt Gower.

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