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The Best Job in Australia


Camera, lights, action - Lord Howe IslandHelp us select the winner of the 'Best Job in Australia'. The job requirement was simple:

WANTED for the Best Job in Australia. $9000 reward. All expenses paid. Live on Lord Howe Island. Do every activity. Film your experience. Enjoy the best two months of your life. To be considered, please submit a one minute video clip to demonstrate your work.

We now have 45 entries, and after a long night of tea and biscuits (or was it red wine and cheese), we’ve selected a short list of five. It’s hard to judge the creativity of creative people. We started with a logical point scoring system, which failed to separate the best and placed the average entries at the top, but then moved to a completely subjective system based on ‘how did the clip make us feel’. Good destination photography and video clips have to invoke some kind of emotional response – remember Barossa Be Consumed – so we went with the highly debatable, and no doubt controversial, ‘just pick the one we like’ approach. And it worked.

Now we need your help! Please watch the following five clips and let us know your favourite. Don’t get too worried about the technical stuff – they’re all good. Instead, let us know how they make you feel and why.

The shortlisted candidates for the Best Job in Australia are:

Richard Watson – watch clip
Olly Sindle – watch clip
Andy Lloyd – watch clip
Geoff Charters – watch clip
Oliver Molesworth – watch clip (password: bestjob)

Please post your feedback on the Pinetrees Facebook page. We’ll announce the winner on Sunday 24 August.

Congratulations to Richard, Olly, Andy, Geoff and Oliver!


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