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Summer news from Pinetrees


Greetings from Pinetrees!

Peak season is here and the Island is busy – of course, ‘busy’ is relative – 400 guests and 350 locals spread out well over 6km of perfect beach and 4 square km of pristine lagoon. The weather has been sensational for the last 3 weeks – constant sunshine with maximum daytime temperatures of 27 degrees (it never gets above 30 degrees!).

January is the time when people plan their holidays for the year, so this newsletter is unapologetically intended to entice you to Lord Howe for a visit. We hope to see you soon….

Best wishes for 2013!

Dani, Luke, Jim and Rachael

5 Night Package

Peak season continues until the end of April 2013 and we have a great 5 night package to entice you to Lord Howe for a unique Australian island holiday. February, March and April are the best months to visit to enjoy warm stable weather, warm calm water and endless opportunities to discover your own private beach. Our 5 night package…..

Last Minute Deals

We’ve had a few cancellations between 14 and 24 January 2013 and now have some additional space for those who’d like to travel in the next few weeks – and given it’s such short notice, we’ll be glad to offer a last minute deal. Space on Qantas flights in January is limited, so we’ll have to work out the best combination of flights and accommodation. Please email Luke Hanson in the next few days – the space will fill quickly!

New Day Spa

Following from the success of our new Wellness Weeks in 2012, we’ve decided to keep our Day Spa open full time. Our therapist, Natasha Krupitza, has worked at high-end medi spas and relaxation day spas in Australian and New Zealand, most recently at Azure Spa on Lizard Island. Tash uses LI’TYA products for her massages and ASPECT products for her facials – both are considered luxury eco products. Guest feedback has been great and you’ll need to book in advance to be guaranteed a spot.

Wilderness Weeks

For the first time in 2013, Pinetrees will host Wilderness Weeks for people who’d like to be guided ‘off-track’ to the most amazing parts of the island - by foot, bike, boat and kayak. Our Wilderness Weeks are a first for Lord Howe and we suspect they’ll become a classic Australian ‘eco-tourism’ experience. After a memorable day, you’ll return to Pinetrees for a hot shower, cold beer, exceptional 4 course dinner, great wine, open fire and comfortable bed. You may find the perfect balance between physical exercise, mental stimulation, social interaction and, well, some of life’s more enjoyable treats. Click here for more details.

Wellness Weeks

In September 2012, Pinetrees hosted 35 guests for our inaugural Wellness Week. We offered a daily program of yoga, fitness, spa treatments, wholefood cooking classes, organic gardening classes and organic wine tastings, as well as our ‘normal’ repertoire of swimming, snorkelling, diving, surfing, kayaking, walking, golf, biking and mountain climbing. With three gourmet ‘wholefood’ (well, mostly) meals every day and a complete disconnect from the outside world, our guests experienced a week of wellness and rejuvenation unlike any other. Click here to read the full review.

We’ll now offer three Wellness Weeks every year – the next is in May 2013.  

In the Media 

We've had plenty of interest from the editorial media over the last few months, and every story helps to keep Pinetrees "front-of-mind" (at least that's what the marketing people say). The most interesting story was about an American travel writer, Lee Abbamonte. Lee described Lord Howe Island as "the most perfect place in the world" - and he should know because he'd travelled to 306 of the 321 countries in the world. In an attempt to be the youngest American to travel to every country in the world, Lee was still able to visit small unique places such as Lord Howe.

Over the years, I've visited about 20 countries and always thought that, just maybe, there was somewhere else as amazing as Lord Howe. But now thanks to Lee, I'm having my next holiday here....

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