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The Lord Howe Island Signal is our local paper, which is edited and published by islander Barney Nichols. Every fortnight Barney produces a fascinating mix of Lord Howe news, gossip and opinion. We love it! The mailing list for the Signal is international, and you should join – please call Barney on 02 65632471 to arrange to join the mailing list. The following are a few modified extracts from the 15 March 2013 edition.

Board to Close Palm Nursery

The Lord Howe Island palm seed industry has officially ended. At the Lord Howe Island Board meeting in November 2012, a decision was made (in a closed session due to “staffing and commercial sensitivities”) to close the palm nursery. The decision was based on factors including the decline in the European market from the GFC, the impact on the strong Australian dollar and competition from off-island growers. It seems another monopoly has gone where monopolies should, and sadly for the Lord Howe community, the second largest industry after tourism has ended. The Board is now considering alternative uses for the large nursery site including a commercial lease and residential development.

Lord Howe Island Slipway

The DA for a new community slipway was refused at the Board meeting in December 2012, due to (we thought public safety reasons) reducing public access to the foreshore. The Board has agreed to form a community working group to identify long term solutions, and will call for expressions of interest to join the group in the near future. (We love the Signal because the editor, Barney Nichols, often quotes himself – Peter Fitzsimons would love it). Board Deputy Chair Barney Nichols says “I hope some of them will join the group to help come up with a solution acceptable to the wider community”. (Thanks Barney and thanks Barney)

Rare Seahorse found in a Kingfish

A very rare seahorse was recently found in the stomach of a kingfish. The Collared seahorse was identified by Rudie Kuiter, who initially described the species in 2001. Very little is known about this species – it is thought to be pelagic.

Lord Howe Island Rockfest

Rockfest 2013 kicked off at the Classic Rock Street Party on 10 March. The bands included The Big Music House Band, Jagged Edge, Rock Bottom and Lost Generation, and played a mix of music from the 60’s to 90’s. Five more nights of music followed.

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