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Seven Peaks Walk in the Guardian


Walkers on Mt Eliza, Lord Howe IslandI didn’t know the Guardian wrote travel articles – I thought they only wrote award winning exposes of right wing corruption, waste and sleaze. When we were contacted by the Guardian to see if we could host them on our Seven Peaks Walk, I was immediately suspicious that it was a cover for a more political article about rat poisoning, wind turbines, fuel spills or the impending demise of Lord Howe’s air service. All of the above are worthwhile articles, but not through Pinetrees – we help people relax.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. When Patrick Keneally, the Deputy News Editor at the Guardian, arrived at Pinetrees, he was equipped with boots, backpack and enthusiasm for Lord Howe, and this is reflected in his article. It’s one of the best we’ve read.

Poor Pat doesn’t get out of the office much, so it was great watching the weight of his 24/7 job slowly lift from his shoulders over the first few days. With the name Keneally, politics is unavoidable, but Pat has chosen a different path through it via journalism, and hanging out with someone of his calibre was fascinating. Thanks Pat – you’re always welcome!

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