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Andrea Duvall, The Editor of Prevention Magazine, visited Pinetrees for our Wellness Week with Charlotte Dodson. After five days of yoga classes, adventure fitness, wholefood cooking classes and some spare time to swim, snorkel, walk and relax, she returned home a different person. She says “But it’s really now I’m home that I appreciate what I achieved in those five days. Going about my normal routine, so many things have become that bit easier; I’m sprinting up and down stairs and even sitting cross-legged on the floor like a smartypants. For me, the difference is noticeable. Besides, how could I work so hard for a week just to fall back into old habits? My week away has kickstarted new healthy routines – and yes, I am laying out my yoga mat at home at 7am each day.” Read Andrea’s article and call us to book your next retreat on Lord Howe Island. 

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