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Photo Week review in the Herald


The Sydney Morning Herald published a lovely review of our Walking and Photography Week. The journalist, Sheriden Rhodes, wrote:

"I'm travelling with a borrowed Olympus OMD 10 Mark II. The moment I'm home, I buy my own. The daily challenges stretch me, while the technical tutorials with de Kiefte, who first came as a photography-week participant some years ago, help me unlock the secrets of my camera. The one-on-one time with the guides is particularly helpful, while I love the camaraderie of the group. On one of the walks, Lees helps Ella (inspired by the competition) to photograph leaves and tree bark up close; other days we learn about composition, balance and exposure. Seeing everyone's photographs at the end of the day sparks ideas. Ella becomes the subject of many of my photos, albeit at times reluctantly. Particularly fun was the day the subject was drama; heading off into the bush and pretending she was lost."

Thanks Sheriden! 

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