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A week at Pinetrees means no shopping, cooking or cleaning, and if you choose to disconnect totally, it also means you don’t have to plan your day or worry about your next activity. We have over 35 staff who can do most things for you, and they’re really good. We walk a fine line between informal friendly service and 5 star professionalism, but mostly, we’re a happy family and our service is designed to make you feel at home. Here’s some recent guest feedback – the questions were: 1. did you feel well looked after during your stay, and 2. what aspect of our service impressed you the most? There's a pattern in the answers.... By the way, they don't always look like they do in the photo above - that's the Pinetrees Pentathlon - at work, they look like this.

Yes, wonderfully looked after with numerous friendly and very helpful staff. All were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about everything on the island. I loved the daily breakfast briefing on activities to consider.   

All staff worked hard to remember everyone's names and take an interest in our day. Constantly smiling and giving - it looked effortless.

Loved the staff. So smiley and they knew their job. International staff were also fantastic. Big big tick!

All staff - always available and flexible with change in plans, and excellent advice to help our decisions. Do not necessarily want to name specific staff as we have too many and some we are not sure of names.

Yes we felt very well looked after. The staff were always friendly and more than willing to help.

Friendly - always helpful and cheerful.

Absolutely. The personal attention was amazing.

The staff seem to be enjoying themselves and that is reflected in the service. A special thanks (in no order) to Denis, Geordie, Ryan, Lea and Samantha.

Yes! All of it! Dani helping me with my white clothes, and Cath's laundry skills!

All of your staff have behaved impeccably.

Friendly staff.

Your staff are friendly and helpful. Outstanding service - especially with children.

The staff have been brilliant. Friendliness. The staff (or, at least plenty of them) were able to quickly remember names and previous discussions (and they make an impressively efficient team).

The waiters and waitresses were all so friendly and helpful and especially Crystal, she was awesome!

The staff were superb. They were helpful, friendly, smiley and really couldn't have done more. We loved Crystal, Hannah, Samantha and of course the beautiful Geordie. Not forgetting Pia, Jasmin, Ryan, Denis, Ben and Ida.

Yes, every member of staff was very friendly. We also loved how the staff actually wanted to be at work and had good attitudes.

Generally very good service. Some confusion about the children eating with us - communication issues - two I think!

We felt very well looked after - definitely the best service we have ever experienced.

All the staff on hospitality were exceptional - Pia, Ben, Samantha, Lea. Grand staff, very friendly.

Yes. Your staff are wonderful, friendly, helpful, efficient, organised. The system works, everything goes easily and smoothly (to us!). Loved the BBQ lunches, sometimes felt bad about the food wastage if we couldn't eat it all.

Pinetrees people were very proactive, friendly and accommodating.

Friendly staff, great atmosphere.

All great, friendly staff, very helpful.

Absolutely! Every staff member had a beautiful smile… it was the first thing we noticed and it didn't change during our stay.

Everything - but the daily run around at breakfast with the events of the day are exceptional - and necessary, particularly for new guests - as well as returnees. Excellent staff attitude and service culture. Nothing too hard to help with. Warm, friendly disposition. The care taken in engaging staff is easily evident. Well done.

First, being greeted as 'you must be Jo and Mike' by Lea was very impressive. Also impressed that most staff knew our names.

It was lovely that staff made an effort to learn our names and remember our whims. Very personal service, lovely that staff had time to chat with every guest - makes it very homely.

Yes, Personal advice about activities and flexible lunch delivery.

Yes, extremely well looked after. We were very impressed with all the staff, Crystal our meal server was especially wonderful. We always had everything we needed and were treated like family. Ben was so kind and helpful, he seems to genuinely care about all the guests.

All the people looking after us were very friendly and enthusiastic, and any request was met so promptly. What impressed me most? The fact that they all seemed to remember the names of all the guests. And that with so many people coming through… it made it feel personal.

Extremely well looked after by such friendly and beautiful people who would go out of their way to go above and beyond. So greatly appreciated.

Remember our names. Staff courteous and efficient. Friendly greeting on arrival.

We felt very well looked after and the most impressive aspect by far was the food!!!

We need to thank Geordie, Pia, Hannah, Crystal, Samantha, Ben (fast feet), Ryan, Denis… + more and everyone else who made our week at Pinetrees so wonderful. Special thanks to the kitchen (who are hidden heroes) and the housekeeping crew who make it all work so well.

The staff are exceptional. Very friendly, provided amazing service and went well beyond what you expect. Stand outs were Dani, Hannah, Denise, Sam, Geordie and Ben.

The staff are well trained, courteous, with no request too much trouble. Service from the staff is one of the major assets of the lodge.

Very well looked after. Friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. The ability for the staff to stop and chat to guests made the whole experience more memorable because it felt like they cared for you as an individual rather than a paying guest.

Staff exceptional. Well chosen, trained and extremely courteous, friendly and helpful.

Yes very much so. The staff went out of their way to remember our names, made sure dietary (and fussy eater) requirements were met, helped with our daily planner and tips.

Always - without exception. The familiarity with the staff that are still here from 2015/16 was lovely. The new crew are wonderful and enthusiastic - absolutely delightful.

Your staff are an absolute credit! The customer service by your entire team is the beast (I/we've) have ever experienced here in Australia. World class. Your staff make the time at Pinetrees the most memorable and wonderful experience it is. Cannot praise everyone (including housekeeping and beauty therapist) highly enough.

Very well looked after indeed. The friendliness, the smiling faces, making guests feel that nothing is a problem.

Staff - amazing attention to detail. Knowledge of the island and Pinetrees. Effort to always go the extra mile. If they didn't have an answer to a question they would always find out. Picnic options brilliant. Boathouse is a lovely bonus.

Everybody is so friendly and welcoming. Nothing is ever a problem.

Fantastic staff who are always accommodating and flexible, always a smile and always have time for a chin wag. Also extremely well informed and knowledgeable of the area, weather, best places to be on any given day.

Your people were the best part of the stay. Polite, engaging, professional and seemed to enjoy their job.

Very well looked after. The staff are welcoming and great communicators. They can't do enough for you!!

All service was exceptional! Warm, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. Above and beyond! Ben's service was impeccable.

Absolutely! All the staff were great; friendly, helpful, and very efficient. They were a great team.

That all staff worked so hard, worked so well together as a team and all had such pride in their work! They all ensured we have a magical family holiday! Our standouts were Pia, Geordie, Lea, Denis, Caz (housekeeping - who made our kids laugh with what their teddies got up to while we were out) and the chef who fed us so well!

I certainly felt welcoming from day of arrival and always a member of staff available should we have any concerns. The service was excellent and everyone so friendly and helpful.

Yes, extremely. Friendly, happy staff.

We felt doted on, staff is amazing, especially Ben who we have welcomed as part of the family! Thank you for taking such good care of us.

All staff were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. A great team!

We were well looked after. Friendliness and informative - that is how we would describe the staff.

Yes, we were so well looked after. We loved the friendliness and professionalism of the staff - nothing was too much trouble for our party of 16 and we appreciate that this is not such an easy ask. Our little gluten free granddaughter was so well accommodated which we greatly appreciated.

All of it! Tremendous service, welcoming, interesting and companionable and always happy to stop for a chat. We especially loved Denis, Ida, Ben, Sam, Pia and Crystal, who was especially lovely.

Yes, everything.

Very. The staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful. This was the biggest change I noticed when I think back over all my stays at Pinetrees. There have always been friendly staff over the years, but some grumpy ones too! This time everyone was a delight and really took the time to ask what we'd been up to each day. It really sets PT apart. Also, some staff remembered us from two years ago which was nice.

Yes - always all good.

Again, everything. Every person was so kind and generous with their thoughtfulness and especially the patience shown to the kiddies.

Friendliness and efficiency + +

Yes. The service was excellent. No complaints.

Yes, the staff were most impressive. One aspect that we could have assisted though was on arrival a short tour of the island be given prior to arrival at Pinetrees.

All the staff are well trained. Lovely personality and made us feel relaxed, supported, informed and welcome.

Your staff are amazing. They are all super helpful and friendly and we both felt that they went out of their way to help us in any way possible. Appreciated they knew our names. And there were always happy!

Staff friendliness. In particular we commend Samantha, Dylan, Ryan, Pia, Ben, Denis and Geordie. Very much appreciated the caring staff particularly our doctor visit and understanding of family trauma.

We really appreciated your great care about our dietary needs and the general good will of the staff.

Very well groomed staff. Flexible service and extras.

Absolutely well looked after.

All of the staff were friendly and helpful.

The staff at Pinetrees are extraordinarily good. Nothing is too much trouble - always polite and friendly.

Staff were excellent. Every member knew your name. Made it very personal.

Happy helpful, obliging staff.

We felt very cared for and that with our children, we were well supported and welcome. The assistance with itinerary for each day, meal planning and general guidance was wonderful. The staff exuded energy and enjoyment for both their customer service and their island environment.

Very friendly and obliging staff - nothing seemed too much trouble. Appeared to make a real effort to remember guests names.

All staff were excellent, friendly and informative.

Friendly, enthusiastic and helpfulness.

The staff were extra-ordinary. They made our stay really special - front of house, restaurant, and cleaning, all fabulous.

All staff went the extra mile time and time again. Real island hospitality.

Staff were fabulous - all very friendly and eager to please - always happy. Day Spa Sally awesome!

The friendliness of all the staff was exceptional. We were well looked after at all times.

Excellent service. The staff knew my name - that's great!

Staff were fantastic. Amazing how they could always call you by name. Very personalised.

Very well looked after. Sometimes felt a little rushed at dinner but only a very minor issue.

Yes we did. Friendliness of all the staff we came into contact with.

Most certainly.

Very well looked after. The personalised service was impressive . Geordie, Crystal and Pia in particular made us very welcome and assisted us well. Likes the seating arrangement on Monday nights and would have been good to have this arrangement on other nights to socialise further.

Absolutely well looked after. We loved the relaxed but clearly guest focussed approach by all the staff. We were only there for a few days but Denis had already remembered our name. Very personal, very friendly, very welcoming.

We were looked after very well and the happiness and enthusiasm exhibited by all of your staff was above anything we have previously experienced.

Most sincerely, friendly and helpful staff we've ever met. Just so obliging.

The staff were excellent.

The good nature, friendliness and sincerity of the staff. Nothing was too much trouble and they all went out of their way to make us feel 'at home' and part of your wonderful family. We have travelled extensively over the years and have to say this experience was truly outstanding and exceptional. Please pass our thanks to everyone - cleaners, waitresses/waiters, cooks, gardeners - everyone!

Very well looked after. It was nice that your staff took the time to remember names - small touch but appreciated. All requests dealt with a smile (my lunch box with chunk of cheese was provided cheerfully).

Fabulous staff, so very friendly, nothing was a problem. So very engaging - just amazing.

Yes very much so. All the staff were incredibly friendly, genuine, authentic without being over the top! Always smiling and sharing tips and stories.

We felt incredibly well looked after. The personal attention, passion, care and dedication of the staff was very impressive. The ability of your staff to remember guests name and to engage with them personally was a highlight. Nothing seemed too much trouble. Their knowledge of the island was of great assistance to us and improved our stay remarkably. Denis, Pia, Ryan, Hannah, Ben, Neha, Dylan, Sally, Lea, Samantha, Crystal, the maintenance man (didn’t get his name – sorry) amongst others deserve special mention for making our stay so enjoyable.

All staff were very friendly, genuine and attentive. How do they learn everyone's names so quickly??

They knew us by name, always ready to help, always cheerful.

Outstanding :) One of the highlights. Staff were friendly, attentive - nothing too hard or a bother.

Sincerity, authenticity, happiness - From Sally in the Spa to Denis with his attention to remembering names. Very special. And the bonus was walking tours with Luke which were so interesting and conveyed the warmth and sincerity I'll always associate with Pinetrees.

All of the staff were friendly and helpful. Ben's knowledge of food and wine were especially impressive and he made the culinary experience here sensational.

From the moment we stepped off the plane we felt welcomed and cared for. We were on the Wellness Week and found Luke to be an amazing, knowledgeable and friendly leader. Charlotte was incredible too.

Each and every staff member were friendly and sincerely genuine in their approach to offer exceptional service. We have never experienced such excellent service. Thank you.

People were all very friendly and helpful, use of names was excellent.

Over and above expectations. Cheeriness and willingness to please. Satisfying every request.

Hard working staff. We were very well looked after. All the staff were also so knowledgeable.

Very well looked after. The attentive and 'nothing is too much trouble' level of care combined with the friendly, informality was great.

Beth Robert and I are absolutely impressed by the staff. Nothing is too much trouble and even beyond that! Of course, their friendly smiling faces makes each day a treat.

Yes, the staff made us feel like family. So friendly.

Very well indeed. The service was relaxed and attentive without being formulaic or obsequious. You always felt the staff were willing to support you in any way and then familiarizing with your name from day one encouraged an easy and open relationship with them.

Yes. Caring for all guests and their willingness to help with any preferences (food).

All the staff have been brilliant, friendly, helpful, polite and every one had a smile making it genuine service.

Very well looked after. Friendly staff. Nothing too much trouble.

Staff exceptional. Lovely to see such happy staff and they all seem to enjoy working hard. Housekeeping brilliant. All staff very friendly and knowledgeable regarding walks, snorkelling spots (off the beach and BBQ spots (Denis) - he was always around in the am. Ben's detailed explanation re each course of every evening meal was amazing (and breakkie too).
Yes, enjoyed the yoga and the activities.

Pinetrees staff are outstanding. Their willingness to value add to the guests stay is exemplary. They share a common focus on customer service and happy to share local knowledge. Obviously the selection process for employing and maintaining a happy and well managed staff is a focus for management at all levels and it shows.

Friendliness, helpfulness ++ Staff were all sincere and always ready to show interest in you and make sure your stay is wonderful.

Denis and Geordie were so professional and friendly. All staff friendly and helpful.

Every single staff member was warm, welcoming, happy, relaxed and provided excellent customer service - no improvement needed.

Everything done to perfection; from the pick up at the airport by Dani through every person I had contact with.

Yes. Couldn't fault all the staff. Special thanks to Denis, Geordie, Kaz, Denise, Pia, Samantha, Hannah, and Ryan. Hope we didn't miss anyone! Friendliness, good/patient with my children (kids 5 and 2)

Yes, staff were all fantastic. Ryan/Ben/Geordie all welcoming and helpful. But all the staff were exceptional.

Every staff member went out of their way to be friendly and helpful - I was impressed by the level of excellence show by all staff.

The staff was the highlight. They definitely made our stay memorable. We loved how they made an effort to remember our likes/dislikes and especially for sharing the recipes!!

Yes. Your staff are "A1" - very natural and friendly (and great name memory).

Very well looked after. Every single member of staff was very helpful and friendly.

People fantastic = open, friendly, helpful, willing to assist in any way they can. Loved the advice re planning our days. Idea: More books on birds, local ecology, plants etc. in Library please.

Very well looked after… All staff were friendly and hospitable; knowledgeable and happy to oblige.


Personal and caring service especially when I hurt my knew. All very friendly and made us feel at home straight away.

The Pinetrees staff are exceptional! They make an already beautiful place to stay so warm and friendly - literally looking for the chance to go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need. Ten out of ten! The best.

The friendliness of the staff and their amazing attention.

Attention to detail very good. Friendly, helpful and warm. Al requests promptly satisfied. Loved the 'insider' tips and local information which greatly helped us plan our week.

Your people are exceptional - attentive, very courteous - nothing too much trouble. They make the Pinetrees experience very special.

Every second. Could not have done more even remembers our names - very impressive - nothing too much to ask. Never experienced this anywhere. Thank you for being so accommodating with the kids meals and preparing everything as per request (our kids are fussy with food but they loved everything you made).

Friendliness and professionalism. A great team.

The friendliness of all staff was most impressive, including everyone we had contact with - people who picked us up, served us food, cleaned our rooms or worked around the resort. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful. Thank you.

That every staff member remembered our names, activities, etc. They checked up on us with actual interest. They were very on top of making sure that I ate well and not any foods I had allergies to. Also Ryan has a cute smile!! :)

Service is just one of the drawcards of LHI. It's brilliant. Not only is it efficient, it is truly friendly.

Exceptional services. Friendliness, attention to detail, accommodating to dietary needs, efficient, professional presentation.

The staff are superb. Friendly, knowledgeable, and even remembering names and activities. On more than one occasion they went beyond what was expected, for example driving us to the hire place.

We were truly impressed by the friendliness of every one who worked at Pinetrees. People were so helpful all the time. This part of Pinetrees was truly exceptional. We feel truly thankful and had a memorable vacation.

Your staff are all fantastic. Highest level of friendliness, information and care. Thanks to all of them.

Yes completely. Everything requested was responded to graciously and in a timely way. Nothing was too much trouble including Pia organising the Moet and Champagne flutes with ease for our Gower girls at tracks end. Morning coffee with Neha great. Ben catering to all our groups food quirks at mealtime.

Extremely well looked after by the friendliest of people - always very willing to attend to any request or enquiry.

We felt extremely well looked after. Genuinely friendly staff who seem to enjoy meeting/interacting with guests and who clearly love working at Pinetrees.

Incredibly well. From Luke's unending/infinite patience with our questions to wait staff remembering our names and food preferences.. Faultless!

The staff here are exceptional. We have been made to feel very welcome and special.

Definitely! The staff, as always, were incredibly friendly and helpful. Everything was perfect!

We felt very well looked after. Everyone was so cheerful and helpful. We knew they were busy but they had time to help whenever we had a question. The atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly.

The service was friendly and personalised. We feel that nothing was too much trouble. The staff - all were very attentive and helped us to tailor our stay and activities each day.

All staff were great. Nothing was a trouble.

The staff were all fabulous.

A friendly welcome from Ryan. All diligent and attentive staff. Samantha, Crystal, Geordie, Denis and Ben were standouts. Thanks. If arriving on a Saturday, maybe inform guests that bike hire is closed. Glass bottom cruise was amazing and informative and library was great, as was being able to do washing.

Nothing was too much trouble and there was always someone available to answer a question or help out. My room was beautifully looked after every day. Such a treat. Denis gave us fresh beach towels! Luke was friendly and informative as our guide on the Seven Peaks Walk.

We felt very well looked after from the moment we stepped off the place. Geordie's meet and greet and the care shown by all staff is truly exceptional. No question was too much trouble, no request went unanswered. The team is a credit to Pinetrees and makes for a wonderful holiday for our guests.

Absolutely the level of excellence in service is extremely high - and not just a few members - many of them were just fabulous - so friendly, enthusiastic, innovative, generous and accommodating. Loved the use of first names and excellent recall! Babysitting and separate adult/kid dinner excellent! Special staff mentions: Ryan, Geordie, Ben, Lea, Sam, Hannah, Carol, Sally, Kaz, Nienke, Crystal, Dennis, Denise - I'm sure I've missed key players sorry!! Thank you so much.

Yes, very well looked after. Food and friendliness. All staff seem very happy.

All of your people were warm, friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. The bonus was that Denis is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

Exceptionally well looked after. Made us feel 'at home'.

All staff are excellent.

Yes very well looked after. The staff are exceptional.

Absolutely! Genuinely friendly, happy team surely a reflection of leadership. Welcoming smiles, guests made to feel valued. Great care without fuss. Thank you to all.

Yes - people were excellent, helpful and friendly.

Front of house most impressive - smiling, nothing too much trouble, helpful.

Yes - can do attitude.

Staff service was exceptional - people were kind, thoughtful, and attentive. Impressed with speed and accuracy with names - a chance to acknowledge chefs would have been a bonus.

The staff were most obliging and a credit to the resort. Denis runs a happy ship and leads by example.

The friendliest staff I have ever experienced. They were genuinely interested in the guests and took time for everyone. Nothing contrived or fake. Nothing was a bother to make our stay memorable.

Your wonderful staff - Pia, Geordie, Hannah, Crystal, Ryan, Denis, Lea and Ben, Nicole, Nienke, Samantha, Mike, Ingrid, Sally, and all others both chefs and cleaning staff. Special thanks to all.

Yes, the personal touch from all the staff and their friendly nature impressed us greatly. The staff were very well trained and made it feel like home.

All welcoming, happy and relaxed

A1. Everyone was super friendly and helpful in every way.

Yes. The friendliness and helpfulness of every member of staff. Daily info and activity guide.

The staff at Pinetrees are the equal or better than any we have experienced in our travels.

Very well looked after. Staff were helpful and friendly. Staff learning my name was very impressive.

Everyone very friendly, helpful and fantastic.

All the staff were friendly and efficient. Couldn't fault anyone. Quite amazing.

Very much - we were super impressed that all the staff could remember our names. The perfect balance of friendly and helpful without being intrusive.

Friendliest of staff. Willingness to do anything for you. Courteous, thoughtful. When 7 or the 8 cases for our family did not arrive, everyone was extremely helpful.

Bottles of bubbles and congratulations card for our wedding anniversary welcomed us on our arrival and set the tone for our week. All the staff were so friendly, welcoming and accommodating. Even the birds!

All of it. The effort made by the staff was wonderful.

Very friendly and helpful. Way better than usual staff.

Very well looked after the whole stay. The friendliness of the staff was fantastic. Denis, Ryan, Krystal, Geordie, Ben, to name a few! Helping us with the kids meals was fantastic.

We were really impressed that staff looked like they enjoyed working at Pinetrees. It felt as if they were having as much fun being there as we were. Their efficiency, teamwork, and attention was almost choreographed and a joy to watch. It was also good to have their explanation of the dishes as they arrived. They're assistance and knowledge of island activities was most helpful in planning daily activities at breakfast.

All staff were happy and helpful. How do you manage this? It would be unfair to single out one person as everyone was good. All of the staff have gone out of their way to ensure all your needs and wants went satisfied. Well done to all.

EVERYONE has been exceptional - friendly, approachable - nothing was too much trouble.

Great service. Thanks to Hannah, Geordie, Denis and the rest of the crew.

Absolutely! Staff were genuinely friendly - remembering my name. They are exceptional.

Everyone was amazing. Ben, Denis, Geordie, Pia and Hannah were so thoughtful and kind with Lucie and Rose. Ben spent so much time with us, talking about the food and always had time to chat. Denis is always fantastic!

Absolutely. From the time we met Geordie at the airport, Denis at the bar, Crystal, Pia and Ben in the restaurant - all so friendly and professional, offering advice, knowledge and always a smile.

We felt pampered! Staff were all so friendly and helpful - very impressed that they remembered our names and seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and having us around.

Amazing quiet competence and efficiency. On the job early making sure all is ready for the day ahead. Love the daily sheet of weather and activities suitable in those conditions. Great start with orientation by van after pickup at airport. Special thanks to Kayla, Dean and Gilly for the walks and also to Dean for being willing to take us snorkelling in such 'adventurous' conditions.

Yes, everyone knew our names. Couldn’t' fault the staff!

All staff friendly / accommodating / well-informed. Kayla was a great guide for our walks / Dean persevered with our extreme snorkelling!

Zac says thank you for cleaning up my mess every day. Team Attitude!

Friendly staff - welcoming guests by name to meals. Helpful with small enquiries. Thank you to all for a wonderful, relaxing visit.

Yes, staff excellent. Spa service great but only managed to get one booking as booked out. Maybe 2 staff for spa.

The staff were very enthusiastic and made you feel special.

Absolutely! Staff were amazing, always happy to help with anything. Special mention to Geordie who greeted us and always checked up on us, and also to Ryan who thought of everything when we relocated dinner to our room one night.

Yes we did, very friendly staff.

Friendliness and efficiency.

We were very well looked after during our stay. Well supported and advised on the most suitable things to do in the condition. We were most impressed by staff's rapid, caring response and assistance to my unexpected medical condition that occurred during our stay.

Staff were friendly and impressively efficient. They all seem to uphold the cultural values of Pinetrees - well informed and helpful. Due to weather/plane issues, our daughter was here for 2 nights by herself and the staff made her feel very welcome.

The waiting service at dinner )and breakfast) was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble and everything done with a smile. We especially enjoyed Crystals attentiveness.

The people were excellent. Seemed happy and devoted and extremely efficient. Very competent staff who run the meals, and all guest issues very well.

Extremely good - special needs professionally and helpfully attended to. Exceptional help from the laundry staff, Crystal, Denis and others. Thank you!

Yes, very well looked after, most of the team were amazing, so friendly and knowledgeable. It would be nice if there was someone around all day as mid-morning and afternoon it was often hard to find someone if needed. I was most impressed at how friendly everyone was a genuine.

Absolutely - really well looked after. Super friendly staff. Being able to make suggestions for the day’s activities (given weather conditions etc.) suited to our interests was a great extra service. But overall the personable nature of all staff is a testament to your staff selection process (though if we had to select one of note - it would probably be Ben - a great asset).

All your staff are welcoming, attentive, and friendly. They are well trained and helpful. Geordie was a wonderful introductory host.

Certainly! All the staff were very helpful, attentive, so friendly and knowledgeable. Top 5/5 stars again!!

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