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Duck summer rolls

Food is one of the features of a Pinetrees holiday, and it’s often the source of rigorous debate, anticipation and glutinous delight. We’re often criticised by our guests for “not telling” them that our food is so good. Comments like “we had no idea”, “you could get a hat”, “it’s amazing” and “the chefs are so talented” are common. Instead of listening to us brag about our food, why don’t you read some feedback about our guests’ most memorable meal and how can we improve our food offering.

Beautiful food and cooking and excellent service.

We didn't have a favourite! The fact that you could produce 7 varying cuisines and do them so expertly is an absolute credit to you all. Our BBQ picnic packs were wonderful. Breakfast was such a treat. Everything was perfect. Thank you, thank you.

Every meal was a delight. Canapés at the boathouse so memorable. Thank you all so much.

The lamb dinner!

The 7 course meal was exceptional. We loved the variety of the meals and if there was something on the many not to your taste the staff were quite happy to substitute. Great meals.

7 course Mediterranean meal. I really appreciated all the efforts the staff went to meet my diet requirements. I don't think you can improve - food was totally amazing!

Fish curry and fish dishes were beautiful. Loved the muesli bars. Loved the lamb shoulder and med night. Loved the burnt butter ice-cream dessert. Otago wine (pinot noir) was great. Breakfasts were fantastic.

We really enjoyed all the food and the meal presentation was lovely.

All meals excellent!

This is difficult - so many fabulous meals! For Jack - scrambled egg and smoked salmon breakfast. Lindy enjoyed many delicate flavours in meals. Thai night great. Shared plate night great! Grilled mango dessert! Found soups delicious but preferred light entrees.

Steak and mushroom sauce.

A very hard question to answer. Maybe the roast pork belly and slow cooked lamb. Fantastic fish. Huge variety. Beautifully presented, excellent nutritious delicious innovative food. A banquet at every meal.

Beef with chips.

Loved the help yourself lunches. Best night, Greek platters.

All meals were amazing - all most too much food! Excellent at catering for all dietary requirements.

Every meal was excellent

Every meal was fabulous: delicious and beautiful. Most memorable was first meal because it was such a surprise.

Kingfish curry. Desserts were incredible. Bread delicious. Staff wonderful.

You have a wonderfully creative chef. Monday feast night - yum - and breakfast buffet.

Meals were fantastic! A real surprise! Everything was yummy.

Friday 26th October. The food - breakfast, lunch and dinner has been amazing for the entire week - beyond our expectations.

I loved the meals. Spicy? Yes, but that was ok for me. Loved all the nuts, seeds and fresh fruit.

Food generally very good. Couple of dishes over spiced. Enjoyed the shared platters - more of those!

All great. Lamb rack was excellent. Really appreciated the kingfish we caught being prepared and served to us!

All were top mark. Don't think you can improve anything.

For us older folk the food quantity was too large, but was excellent and most interesting. Staff are most obliging.

Food was great. Pork belly was delicious as was lunch with crispy skin salmon and the blue cheese, walnut, char grilled pear salad etc. Mini pavs were great also!

Loved the lamb shoulder, but was too full to finish it! The Trevalla was magnificent. Well done chefs - food was extraordinary!

All excellent. Perhaps pork belly is a standout.

Slow roast lamb. The food was excellent.

All the meals were very high quality and gourmet standard. I could list them all! But we did enjoy the Paella, duck, mushroom soup, and chowder and….!! All were very good portion sizes - not too big. Lovely fresh ingredients and we could see 'made with love.' Flavours and textures outstanding. Service so friendly and never too much trouble to do anything. Many thanks to the whole team. Congrats to the chefs.

Almost all of them! My aversion to crustaceans was dealt with easily, no trouble it seemed. Kingfish always welcome! And the lemongrass and gin crème caramel - oh delicious!

All meals are memorable. Bruce loved the scallop dish and all seafood.

I loved the Portuguese seafood stew, the duck, all the lamb dishes - all were delicious, we didn't have a bad meal! Food was sensational. Perhaps share seating more often.

All meals (breakfast, lunch (including picnic lunch), afternoon tea and dinner meals) were superb. The limited menu options encouraged us to try things we would not normally try and they were all exceptional. The seating arrangements in the dining room were good as they allowed for private conversations but also offered opportunity to speak with other guests. Thank you for the muesli bar recipe as it was outstanding.

All lovely. Cheese offered as a desert option is great. As a small meat eater, I did not register a food requirement, but always found staff willing to procure a meat free main at no notice

Beetroot curry, lamb rack, steak cooked to perfection.

I had the optional meal on night 5 (Thursday night) as didn't like the two meal options on the menu. The dish with fish and broccoli and asparagus with pumpkin puree. Was delicious! Clean eating, no sauces.

Kingfish grilled for dinner Thursday night and Friday lunch. Perfect! The Med Dinner and the grain-fed beef, love the simple, clean food and indigenous ingredients!

The food was all incredible - can't fault a thing! Loved the shared Mediterranean night, the chocolate torte dessert. The BBQ lunches are amazing and you certainly never go hungry at Pinetrees.

7 course Med sharing experience was exceptional. We enjoyed the variety and choice of meals. We are normally 'non dessert' people but absolutely loved every dessert we had.

The rack of lamb, amazing!! The Monday 7 courses was a lovely experience of sitting with other guests and the food was sensational. The BBQ lunches helped create some unforgettable memories. Coffee - bigger cups. I would of liked to have the evening dining in other areas of Pinetrees, not always in the dining room. Maybe - fish and chips at the boatshed. Picnic dinners in grassed areas.

Food was varied, first class and well presented.

Lamb dish, sourdough bread at dinner, kingfish, most desserts. Missed having pasta - for simpler tastes. Possibly fewer meat dishes.

All the food was outstanding!

They were all superb. Honestly, couldn't choose but I loved the lunches. Once or twice I felt I'd like something beautifully cooked but very 'unadorned' as a contrast.

1. Steak. 2. Roast duck. 3. We remember the Japanese cuisine from 2012. Robert was happy with size serve but for me a choice to have a smaller serve would be good. Sometimes if the entrée is not 'light' it is the reason for a smaller serve of the main course.

Monday night - perfect

The food was all excellent. Meals were delicious. We would have liked a little more fish towards the end but the staff and chef was flexible and allowed us fish instead of meat. Memorable meal was pork fillet dinner and we came back to lunch for a paella lunch. The shared table meal was very enjoyable.

Salmon every meal, fish luncheon.

All 3 dinners were very well done - service and food excellent. All the food has been magnificent. Very hard to pick one dish from our first breakfast to the kingfish starter on Saturday and the carrot salad starter and kulfi dessert last night.


Couldn't choose a favourite, loved the variety. Most amazing meals I've ever eaten, so different and so delicious. Enjoyed the occasional wine pairing night. Perhaps offer canapés on a different night as one tends to drink with canapés. We didn't do the wine pairing the first night as had the canapés with wine earlier. The next time we didn't come for canapés as we were keen to do the wine pairing with dinner.

Food was lovely - just felt I couldn't eat it all

The 'feast' night was a great way to bring people together and share great food and conversation.

Eye fillet steak, kingfish (simply grilled or battered). The food is sensational - your chefs are world class! Each meal was a visual and taste extravaganza and so obviously carefully prepared and presented.

All meals were good - always tasty food.

All meals perfect.

All great. So much food.

Green pancakes brekkie; kids lasagne, degustation, beetroot curry, too many to choose from! Only improvement could be to move kids dinner forward by an hour. Even 30 minutes would work in it provides enough time to bathe/put to bed before adult meal.

We loved the first night canapés. We enjoyed all the meals - some more than others - but they were all of a high standard.

All of it - everything about the meals was excellent. Every meal was memorable as food was excellent and the company was a special group.

The food here was fantastic! Thank you for being so accommodating when we wanted to indulge and have extra food during our meals. Highlight was the beach bbq! The wine list was amazing.

Difficult questions! I can't think of any dish that we didn't comment on the presentation, tastes and textures. No one dish to us stands out above the rest.

Bircher muesli (only offered 1/5 days - would have liked more often) . Friday night canapés especially pork belly.

You’re magic Wed night steak meal!

That's a tough call. The food each night was absolutely delicious. Maybe the beef cheeks… or that steak!

Can't choose - all so good. Maybe Monday's 7 course meal!!

What a challenge! Thoroughly enjoyed every meal. Excellent range of foods, tastes and cuisines. Fond of the savoury pancakes (zucchini) and the Kingfish on Thursday night. Perhaps a vegetarian dish with no cheese but I'm thinking of my vegan daughter should she visit.

All very good. Monday night (my wife’s birthday) was superb. Thank you very much for catering for the large family group.

Degustation - I wish the course before dessert was served as a meal on its own - so full I could not eat it. All food was amazing, well presented and delicious. All vegan food was excellent, not loaded with carbs.

Sashimi Kingfish, duck. All good - no, outstanding! Thanks to all chefs.

All meals were excellent. We particularly enjoyed the seafood - particularly the Kingfish. Loved the variety - lunches, duck wrap, barbeque

Beetroot salad! Kingfish!

The slow cooked lamb cutlets were the most memorable of mains. Generally V.G.

Mediterranean banquet - loved local kingfish. Excellent food.

All the food was wonderful. But we particularly appreciated being given plainer food on a night which we were feeling unwell. That was so kind of the chefs and staff, as it caused extra trouble.

We chose Kingfish every time it was in the dinner menu. We thought the food was excellent, the flavours sophisticated and the variety very good. Again, we would not change anything.

Thursday evening, Thai style dinner was wonderful. Food overall is fantastic - congratulations to the team.

Too many excellent meals to select one - they were all simply fabulous.

The shared platters - Mediterranean evening was superb. In fact, the food at every meal was superb. One suggestion would be to offer a simple salad (as a main course on a couple of evenings).

All meals were outstanding. Rack of lamb was delicious. Loved the chocolate torte. We really enjoyed tasting food forages on the island and eating local fish. All the BBQs were amazing!

Scallops and Kingfish goujons in 7 course dinner. Would have preferred those 7 courses spread over 5 nights evenly to give choice (last night with only 1 entrée for e.g., a different/other entrée would have been great). Too much food for one evening's sitting. Offer some basil or parsley butter as well as dill (but dill is my problem. I'll be back in basil season!).

Wed night - the Thai influence night - delicious.

The food is imply delicious. Monday night fish meal - I can't remember what it was called. The beetroot curry was also delicious.

The rack of lamb and the sharing plate night (although everything was delicious). The only thing I would suggest is making the servings slightly smaller on the share plate night.

The food was excellent. They were all memorable. I eat very little red meat but I thoroughly enjoyed the steak, it was superb. We loved all the fish too. Breakfast and the lunches were very healthy, varied and delicious.

Most memorable meal - Thai inspired seafood dinner. All meals were excellent. The BBQs are a fabulous idea - loved the veggie version.

Hard to pick a favourite, all good. Loved the Kingfish. Keep doing what you are doing. Chefs very flexible - easily adapt to customers’ requirements.

Had fish every night and always superb - maybe the yellow curry as a fave. Everything was perfect - maybe an omelette option at breakfast?

Thursday night pork belly, yum!! Although all meals were tasty and good presentation. Some though were a little cold. Thanks to the chefs and those behind the scenes.

Every meal was superb. Variety, complexity of flavours, fresh salads and garnishes. Just the right quantity also. Meals were very generous but not too big. Wait staff were well informed and enthusiastic, proud of the food they were serving to us.

All meals were exceptional! We particularly enjoyed the banquet style dinner on Monday night. This also gave us the opportunity to meet other guests. Plus loved the BBQ and packed lunches.

They really were all exceptional - dinners. Loved - Trevally last night with clever accompaniments. Veal loin.

Breakfasts are great. So is all food.

All meals were memorable.

The bbqs were superb. The middle eastern meal was great but just too much of a good thing.

We thought that best meals were simple food cooked perfectly i.e. steak dinner and fish lunch esp. Kingy. Lunches are now very good. We would prefer less complex or fancy food and less chilli. More fried or grilled Kingfish.

We've enjoyed all the meals. Our favourite meals is fish. Yum!

Chef and team to be congratulated on quality and variety of meals. Couldn't nominate one. Delighted by all - combination of ingredients, 'surprises' in textures and tastes, presentation and service. All positive! One suggestion - perhaps one less dish at shared table - a large meal for 'oldies.'

Food was brilliant. John - 7 courses Mediterranean. Alison - Coconut sorbet desert. Best food ever.

Food was sensational. Congrats to chefs! Best meal - scallops ceviche, seafood linguine (?).

Thursday night - pork belly. Saturday night - duck and chicken.

Food was exceptional - pork belly was most memorable - choices good. Fresh salads at lunch were memorable.

Too many memorable meals to mention - every dinner was a culinary experience. Really appreciated the staff looking after special dietary needs - service above and beyond.

Fish and/or lamb shoulder

Scallops, steak, fish - it was all amazing! We also loved the picnic/barbie we had at Neds Beach. Nothing was left out.

All great

Food excellent. Could put some vegetarian meals on dinner menu. I would like breakfast to start earlier and with dinner start a half hour earlier. An earlier breakfast lets people get started on their day and not have to wait around.

They were all memorable and you'd be hard pressed to improve.

After a week of superb meals it's difficult to recall one, but perhaps the beef cheeks. It would be difficult to improve on perfection. The staff serving the meals are absolutely outstanding. The staff are the Pinetrees experience.

Dinner Thurs night - curry prawns, fish, chargrilled mango. It was delicious. Food was a highlight as is.

All meals fantastic. Lamb rack a big favourite. Restaurant class food every night. One suggestion - cut back on dill - in too many dishes.

Every meal was amazing, perhaps the dinners overly rich.

All of them were brilliant. Lunch and breakfasts were our favourites. So much fresh veggies and salad. New flavours and a chance to pick and choose.

All excellent. Loved the variety - things we would not cook ourselves. Lunch for small children: maybe put out peanut butter/vegemite so they can make a sandwich (they did not appreciate the lovely salads etc.)!

Every meals was memorable. We have had eating heaven here. Even the sandwich on our picnic was heavenly. Amazing chefs and food to die for. Can't wait to use my cookbook but somehow I think it will be hard to replicate what we've had here.

All meals were memorable. Offer bircher muesli with optional nuts on the side. Friday breakfast scramble with salad was a delight.

I don't think it could be better. It was just beautiful. The 7 course dinner has to be a winner though.

Steak, fish curry. Pepper grinder needs more pepper! Could use sharp steak knives for all meat dishes.

Prawn curry entrée. Food was excellent, nothing to improve.

The whole food experience was memorable. I would have liked the evening meal to have been scheduled so we could enjoy a sunset. At times the scheduled was limiting and it might be good to have alternative meal times. Favourite menu was Thursday.

You must be joking - everything was wonderful. I did love the chocolate dessert.

All the meals were wonderful and a credit to your outstanding chefs and staff. How anyone has the patience to make wasabi pearls for those delicious scallops is beyond comprehension. Being disabled, I may have missed some of the island delights but your wonderful meals more than made up for that. Thank you!

Matching wine dinner - great idea. All meals were great. Great to put people together early on as that dinner helped cement some wonderful relationships.

Lamb was amazing! I don’t think it could be improved. It was all excellent. Maybe some different wines available by the glass?

Hard to put our finger on just one meal. All the meals we have were of great standard, good variety and fresh and tasty. Breakfast juices/smoothies yum! Loved our lunches at the resort. Dinners lovely - would have loved to of dined outside if the weather had been warmer.

The food was all amazing. It surpassed our expectations, so I really can't think of the best meal or any way to improve it. Everything was so fresh, despite supplies coming only every two weeks - miraculous!

One vote for the steak. One vote for the Mediterranean meal. Both very happy with sandwiches supplies for hikes!

Most memorable: Paella. How to improve: Would have been nice to have large substantial shared mains for lunch (like the Paella) during the week. The BBQ at Neds was great!

Quality excellent but dinners were bit too rich and heavy for the climate and style of resort. Breakfast and lunches had a lighter (?).

Breakfast - always great - plenty of options. Main meal - veal dish, also loved the accompanying salads/flavours each meal.

Again, exceptional/ the meals were excellent. That includes the BBQ's and sandwiches / the drop off arrangements re BBQ. We thought you had thought of everything.

Scallops (entrée for the Med feast). Chocolate sauce with desserts. BBQ lunches were perfect, it would be great to have this as an evening/dinner option.

The share plate meal on Monday night; great range of food; excellent lamb shoulder with vegetables. Some of the sandwich filling could be improved.

Middle Eastern banquet was great. One of our party had special dietary needs - the staff were all aware of this and, without any fuss, went out of their was to accommodate her. Asian night on Thursday was amazing - that pork belly and coconut dessert!

Tuesday evening 5th Dec. The combination of entrée, veal loin, main and crème caramel were delicious.

Gary loved the steak and chips, which is unusual as he is not fond of grills. It was good. Food generally very good. Entrees sometimes a bit complicated. More fish for me. I thought nutrition was well catered for. Sorry, I forgot about the Med Feast. That was great - my favourite. The pork belly was wonderful.

Kingfish - all forms! Breakfast and lunch (and sometimes dinner) are a little rushed - could allow more lingering at the table even if food stopped being served.

The food in general was fantastic, great choices and quality. We really like how mindful the staff were about my intolerances. Suggested improvements would be to get rid of soy milk and if feasible introduce homemade alternative milks like almond. The more homemade the better! Our favourite meal was the sharing meal, lovely concept and the food was superb.

I would find it difficult to find anything to pick that would improve the food offering. It was all top quality, imaginatively presented, interestingly varied and tasty. BBQ selections fabulous, with salads/sandwiches a nice option. Additionally the staff 'spruiking' the food was a nice touch (because they do it in such a friendly and passionate way). Our vegetarian was also well catered for.

The feast night was amazing. The steak was melting the mouth on steak night. Thought the various lunch options were excellent. Enjoyed packed lunch and BBQ. Cooked breakfast could be less complex. Choice of eggs and sides.

The seafood and fabulous salads at lunch time. Every day was an amazing discovery of beautifully presented variety of local food to taste, eat and admire. The Barbeque packages were delightful too.

Loved the Bangkok inspired pork belly, satay prawns, coconut ice-cream. Me too. And the fish. And the Mediterranean share feast (except too much food!)

The Mediterranean 10 course feast. It was exceptional however all meals were excellent and made even better by the staff doing the service. Super friendly and helpful!

Hard to pick one but the standouts were the raw fish, prawn starters and this morning’s bruschetta was fantastic. One of the tastiest breakfasts I've ever eaten.

Fish dinner with smilax garnish. Loved the foraged food touches. Dessert with Earl Grey and lemon base, Dessert citrus tart.

The beetroot curry was amazing and very unexpected. All the fish dishes were exceptional, particularly the one with the mirin sauce and I loved the caper butters one too.

Japanese inspired fish dish - peter loved it! Cooked breakfasts were yummy. Packed lunches were great. BBQ was fun (but the meat was still frozen)

It's hard to say, enjoyed them all because of the variety offered. Whilst a lot of food, thought the Mediterranean feast night great idea. Lots of fish but other options too. Use of local foraged items. Friday night canapés. All very good and appreciated the different format. This also applies to lunch, breakfast, BBQ, picnic and afternoon tea. All we can add is congratulations.

Mondays Mediterranean feast! It was lovely to enjoy good food whilst sharing stories with other guests.

Missed the fish fry up from past years, liked the beef cheeks best.

We thought all the food was outstanding and especially for the remote location - congratulations to the chef and all involved.

There are so many! Pork belly, fish n chips, beetroot curry, lavender/gin cocktails, canapés, amazing lunch salads each day, mushroom soup, eggplant bruschetta.

Our whole family agreed that the BBQ at Neds Beach was absolutely fantastic! Five star meal!

Last evening cheek of beef and the fish dishes ordered from day one! All were memorable and different - as was the service (need to get back on my bike and ride a lot when I get home).

BBQ meal on beach

Beef cheeks. Gnocchi. Kingfish Sashimi. Pork belly - in master broth - slow cooked etc.! All so wonderful!!

The most perfect blue eye fillet steak and tender beef cheek

All meals!

Son in la rated the chocolate desserts. Grandchild loved the doughnut balls and dipping sauce. I liked 'Fish Fry-ups' as the best lunch. Dinner wise, I rated the Asian Influenced meal - the presentation and flavours were exceptional.

Steak night and we appreciated the effort put in when presenting various dishes.

All were fabulous, but the Mexican themed lunch and Thai styled dinner on Thursday were very memorable.

Monday nights, and every one.

Rack of lamb and steak fillet - Neal. Curried prawns entrée and Thai main course - Heather. All food was great. Cooked breakfasts were delicious.

The lamb, both meals

Andrea - The Thai - very tasty and slightly unusual. Mike - Middle Eastern Monday - the scallops were divine and the amount was too much!!

Steak: Good size, beautifully trimmed and cooked to perfection.

They were all superb and fabulous presentation. Scallops and aged fillet steak was a stand out.

What was you most memorable meal?

The multi-course Friday dinner with canapés and matched wines - a wonderful finale since it was my last dinner.

The first one - simply because it was the initial experience and quality was the same all through the week.

Dinner on Thursday 20th - blue eye and pork belly and amazing desserts.

Monday nights share meal. Thursday nights Thai inspired fish and pork belly. BBQ lunch. The kids dinners were fantastic too.

BBQ at Neds beach.

The shared meal - delicious and great to know other guests. Family friends too.

Kingfish sashimi, crab entrée, Kingfish main, fig dessert (chicken was so succulent) (Sandwiches and muesli slice were delicious too)

Steak night! I had kiddies meals a lot and they were amazing.

All meals were the very best.

Food was of a very high standard but would appeal to 'foodies' more than normal folk.

All of the food has been excellent. The in-house lunches are a highlight. The Monday 'sharing' night was fun and tasty… and we loved the steak and chips! We didn't end up trying a barbeque but would want to in the future.

Curry prawns! I normally hate prawns but they were amazing.

The food was awesome. We loved every meal and looked forward to every mealtime. Memorable dishes - pork belly, kingfish curry, both duck dishes, Monday Mezze, prawn, chargrilled satay. Everything was amazing.

pork belly, steak and chips, churros. Personally I would like if at dinner time there was more options for people who don't like seafood for starters

Sat night - duck - wow! The vegetarian meals looked disappointing. Not enough variety in the children's meals. There was no issue getting seconds - great, thanks.

All the offerings of fresh, raw seafood. It really showed off the best the island has to offer. Monday's Middle Eastern Mezze sharing platters - it was a great communal meal. We thought all the food was excellent.

All the meals were outstanding. Lunches for the walks were fantastic. Restaurant meals were amazing.

It was all amazing. I don't think it could get any better.

Mediterranean feast was great but way too much food which of course we ate!

Pork belly.

The Mediterranean sharing evening. All food/meals were fantastic.

Dinner with the staff - great night. Food was fantastic.

We had lamb for the first 3 nights - the option was not suitable on one night. Therefore, two nights running was lamb.

The Monday night - but all good.

Many memorable meals - all breakfasts delicious, lunches gorgeous, loved the chocolate tart with the sauce in the eggshell. Wonderful presentation. Care and love taken with presentation of every meal - some were almost too pretty to eat.

Prawns entrée, pork main course, pineapple and meringue dessert. Octopus entrée, veal main course, coconut ice cream dessert

The Asian style meal (Thursday night) and the kingfish Carpaccio on the Mediterranean night was the biggest standout for us.

Every meal was delicious and well presented. Maybe the option of some vegetables with dinner? The lunchtime barbeque packs and/or picnic lunches were fantastic alternatives for lunch served at the Lodge. A great service.

OMG how could we choose… all absolutely delicious. Also BBQ and picnic lunch so delicious and a great addition to the wonderful walks.

First on arrival and canapés with pre dinner drinks. Offer nuts as standard and not on request with pre dinner drink. More than 1 entrée/starter to choose from.

It would be unfair to pick one because they were all spectacular.

HA HA HA, every meal was fantastic.

The meals were amazing and very well presented like a piece of art on a plate. Unfortunately I don't eat seafood however the other options were fantastic.

The most memorable meal was the 7 course dinner - perhaps some forewarning could be considered as we struggles with the last few courses. Keep doing was you are with food quality and presentation, absolutely superb.

Banquet meal. The quality of the food every night was very good. Another option is a seafood banquet night. The BBQ and Picnic hampers were exceptional with regards to both the quantity and quality of food and drink offerings. Very hard to fault anything!

Pork belly. Food was fantastic.

Pork and salad (Mat) Seafood stew (Lauren) All the meals were great.

Asian night was a standout but everything was amazing. We did miss the fish fry but the share platter night was beautiful.

The food was absolutely fantastic. Couldn't believe how good every meal was. Even the packed sandwich was a winner!! Thanks to your chef/sous chef and kitchen team.

Again, everything works efficiently, suggestion is to reduce waiting time between main course having finished and desert being served.

Seven course feast and steak night! More of it! Ha ha! No way. Food was wonderful. Fabulous variety of colours and flavours. Possibly slightly simpler offering in the evening as an alternative. Also possibly another fish option - much as we love kingfish and the variations of cooking it. Other options would also be welcome.

Lamb shoulder roast at share night. Eye fillet steak. Breakfast and Lunch - great, excellent! Dinner - Extra option of a plainer dish would cater for all tastes. E.g. Main protein of the day with salad or vegetables.

Meals were equally high quality every time.

Food consistently outstanding.

Most meals were terrific and very fresh. I especially liked the fish curry. Enjoyed the communal evening meal.

We found all the meals incredible! We were told the food was amazing however it exceeded our expectations! Minor feedback for Monday feast - so so much food, more than we could eat.

All meals were great. The matched wine meal and the banquet were most memorable.

The Pinetrees BBQs are spectacular! The we can just arrive - you thought of everything and then cycle off - can't think of a better way to have lunch. We really enjoyed the banquet/share plate night - an opportunity to meet other guests and the matched wine night. Kids meals were great - if any improvement, just a smaller dessert served for kids - we were trying to get them to sleep just after dessert

For me, everything was perfect and all meal memorable. Very generous helpings for all meals, but no complaints!

12 hour lamb! The food was spectacular overall.

Food was of an exceptional standard each and every meal. The Mediterranean banquet was a real treat, as was the paella for lunch and the coconut sorbet was a standout with various textures and popping surprises.

Monday night was our favourite meal with all the different choices. All the food was wonderful though.

Too many to choose. The meals were amazing. The kids meals were great as well.

Cannot determine which meal we liked best. All delicious. Loved the sandwich lunch packs. Enjoyed the opportunity to meet others when the table settings were for 8. That was nicely done as you had place names down and saved any ensuing bun fights.

What a hard question - every meal was outstanding. The presentation, the quality, the variety - fantastic. We were all enamoured with the watermelon entrée. The lunchtime barbeque was fantastic as well. Loved the gluten free muesli which we ate not because we need gluten free but because it was so delicious!

The best was the 7 courses plus special plate of sashimi.

Thursday nights meal - the king prawns with red curry and peanuts and the pork belly were TO DIE FOR. They were the kind of food I'd expect at a top Sydney restaurant specialising in Thai food. Also, and unexpectedly, I loved the tomato soup with seafood in it. Normally I dislike bouillabaisse or any kind of seafood in stews or soups but I loved this.

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