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Meet our staff - Lindy Cameron


Lindy Cameron from Pinetrees Lodge on Lord Howe Island

Oh Lindy Lu… who are you?
You know everyone else, but do they know you?

Chances are, if you've visited Pinetrees in the past 10 years, you will fondly remember Lindy.

Our guests are often startled when their christian names are bandied about in the first few hours of their stay, like they’re listening to an old friend who’s casually, yet confidently, addressing them personally. It’s not unusual for Lindy to know the names of all our 70 guests we have in-house at any one time. A remarkable feat when you think that Lindy has done this week in week out for almost 10 years.

And it’s not just your name that Lindy has a knack for remembering. She knows Lord Howe like the back of her hand, every little nook and cranny, and she won’t hesitate to let you know where and at what time you're likely to have the best BBQ of your life.

Lindy heralds from Australia’s other most famous island, deep down in Tassie, yet her family has seamlessly integrated into life on Lord Howe, with her Dad having lived here for 25 years and her son (Cameron Wurf) having attended the local school (before going on to represent Australia in rowing, cycling and triathlon).

Lindy wears many hats on Lord Howe. She’s a guest and staff favourite, local bowling club authority, respected member of the golf club and Lord Howe Co-op volunteer. Most importantly, she’s a Pinetrees necessity.

Lindy was a wine rep for Cassegrain for some years on the mid-north coast of NSW, so if you're looking for a glass of buttery chardonnay to match your meal, just give Lindy the nod.

Her approach to work and life is as refreshing as the island’s morning light. And despite having awoken to over ten thousand mornings on this island, Lindy is always the one to remind us all of how beautiful this place can be and what it means to really appreciate life.

So here’s to you Lindy Lu, we hope you know we all love you!
You remember everything, and no-one could ever forget you!

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