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Kentia Prize Winners


The 2018 Kentia Prize Photography Exhibition was held from 5-8 January in the Lord Howe Island Public Hall. Over 800 entries were received from 360 photographers around Australia, and 101 photos were selected to be hung in the exhibition – an achievement in itself given the quality of the entries.

The exhibition raised over $17,000 (from entry fees, ticket sales, print sales, donations and silent auctions) for the Lord Howe Island Central School to help our kids with resources that remote schools need. The exhibition was organised, curated and hosted by a bunch of dedicated volunteers from the Lord Howe community. The organisers – Ken Lees, Ben Waters and Luke Hanson – warmly acknowledge the help from Nat Waters, Bronwyn Tofaeono, Kylie Martin, Simon Martin, Dani Rourke, Mags Devine, Al Nicolson, Danielle Nicolson, Denis Corcoran, Lara Bisoni, Mel Vowles, Melissa Walsh, Lea Ohlback, Helen Tiffin, Alanna Green, Sheridan Turner, Emily Riddle, Janice Chia, Karen Giles, Kathi Ziesmann, Emma Crombie, Kelly Ellis, Mike Maxwell, Greg Higgins and Penny Holloway from the Lord Howe Island Board.

The organisers would also like to thank the generous support of our sponsors – Pinetrees Lodge, Murray River Walk, Bay of Many Coves Resort, Spicers Retreats, Qantas and Canon.

Finally - CONGRATULATIONS to the following prize winners and category winners:

Kentia Prize Winner

David Hossack for his photo 'New York 5th Avenue'
Prize - 7 nights at Pinetrees Lodge for 2 guests

Kentia Prize Runner-up

Kath Salier for her photo 'Iceland Tor'
Prize - 3 nights on the luxury Murray River Walk for 2 guests

People’s Choice Winner

Kyle Low for his photo 'Lord Howe Landscape'
Prize - 2 nights with Spicers Retreats for 2 guests

People’s Choice Runner-up

Roza Marciniak for her photo 'A Long View'
Prize - Return airfares from Sydney to Lord Howe Island for 2 guests with Qantas

Howie Prize Winner

Chelsea Holden for her portrait 'Smart from the Start' 
Prize - 2 nights at Bay of Many Coves Resort in New Zealand

Kids’ Category Winner

Lewis Vowles for his photo 'Beckham'
Prize - Canon DSLR camera

Portrait Category Winner

Brendan O’Connell for his photo 'Daddy's Girl'

Landscape Category Winner

Roza Marciniak for her photo 'A Long View'

Wildlife Category Winner

Jack Shick for his photo '3's a Crowd'

Texture Category Winner

Fiona Nicholls for her photo 'Kentia Fronds'

Underwater Category Winner

Tom Bridge for his photo 'Malabar Diver'

Happy Snappers Category Winner

Jack Shick for his photo 'Rockfest''

Best Travel Photo Category Winner

Luke David for his photo 'Japan'

Special mention is also deserved for the photographers whose pictures were selected for the Kentia Prize Exhibition – they were the top ten percent of all entrants.

Kids’ Category: Elsie Hanson, Bonnie Martin, Howi Payten, Julian Walsh, Lewis Vowles, Lucinda Tofeano, Amelia Riddle, Natalie Chia, Natasha Chia, Pixie Hanson, Rose Waters, Tyler Walsh, Zach Meehan, Zara Cruikshank

Portrait Category: Chelsea Holden, Belinda Dimarzio-Bryan, James Vodicka, Scott Wilson, Jack Shick, Brendan O’Connell, C Bryant, Chris Hughes, Jessie Owens

Landscape Category: Mark Powell, Bain Simpson, Kath Salier, Jack Shick, Eddy Delorie, Trevor Templeman, Mandy Creighton, Roza Marciniak, Kyle Lowe, Desmond Chu,

Wildlife Category: Ian Hutton, Angus Emmott, Mark Daffey, Jack Shick, Mark Dolan, Alfred Schulte, Patrick Kavanagh, Mandy Creighton, Sue Ellen-Smith

Texture Category: Chris Hughes, Fiona Ruck, Helen Tiffin, Mandi Brooker, Scott Wilson, Jennifer Lees, Jonathan Case, Fiona Nicholls

Underwater Category: James Vodicka, Tom Bridge, Helen Tiffin, Oli Ayo, Pia Funch

Best Travel Photo Category: Anantha Narayanan, C Bryant, Caitlin Volkman, David Whyte, Corinne Le Gall, David Hossack, Desmond Chu, Joe Menggolo, Graham Earnshaw, James Vodicka, Kath Salier, Louise Southerden, Phillip Myers, Linda Fury, Luke David, Timothy Moon, Robin Moon, Peta Hempsall

Thanks for your interest, support and contribution! Stay tuned for details (and prizes) for the 2019 Kentia Prize.

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