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Hilarious review of Spring Wellness Week


Helen Razer came to Lord Howe Island

Remember Helen Razer – the legendary 1990’s breakfast host at Triple J? Well, after a stellar career in radio, she turned to writing, and in some cases travel writing. And in this mode, she visited us recently to review our September Wellness Week. Now, most travel writing is a bit dull and formula driven with frequent use of words such as ‘lovely’, ‘wonderful’, ‘stunning’, ‘amazing’ and ‘serene’, and it wouldn’t be complete without a photo of a 20 something bikini clad glamour or a smiling family with fishing rods and picnic baskets. Helen’s article is, safe to say, less dull and more gonzo in style with the use of words such as ‘bitch’, ‘anal’, ‘poo’, ‘filthy facehole’, ‘arse’, ‘idiot’ and ‘east-meets-west grab-bag of science-lite nonsense’. Yes, and it’s funny - so funny (and embarrassing) that it’s taken me a week to build the courage to share it. I’m still not sure if it’s a good review of Pinetrees or not. What do you think?

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