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Glenn A Baker at Pinetrees


Glen A Baker - Lord Howe IslandDo you know Glenn A Baker – commonly referred to as “the music guy with the hat”? Well, he’s also a prolific writer, global traveller and award winning travel journalist. Yes, music is his brand, but his travel stories are some of the best I’ve read. So, we were excited to host him earlier in the year when he came to explore the island.

Now, Glenn A is a talker – I mean an Olympic gold medal winning talker, and it’s not just music. He loves books, travel, food, kids, politics – anything with a bit of depth. His stories are as enthralling and energetic as his persona, and some you just want to hear again - dancing with Fidel Castro, hanging out with Bob Dylan, one-on-one with Kurt Cobain and phone calls from Paul Keating during question time. It goes on and on. In fact, I lost my voice listening to Glenn A over four days – saying things like “really”, “is that right”, and “that’s amazing” over and over and over. Glenn A is great mates with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki – can you imagine their conversations?

Glenn A has just had an interview on ABC radio with Tony Delroy about his trip to Lord Howe and Pinetrees. In the four days we were together, I never once saw him write anything down (journalists usually have a little notebook), but somehow he absorbed every detail. Have a listen – he knows more about Lord Howe Island than me!

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