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Snowy, Al and Dave compare notes over the Pinetrees BBQ

One of the Daily Telegraph’s slightly intimidating food critics, Renata Gortan, recently visited during our Cooking with Steven Snow Week. Food critics are like local council inspectors – everyone is having a great time until something isn’t right, and then all bets are off. All that smiley small talk gets swallowed by long tense periods of silence. Luckily with Renata’s visit, we maintained the smiley small talk and, judging by her article in the Telegraph, she loved our food. 

Renata Gortan Telegraph 1216 Renata Gortan Telegraph 1216 (2053 KB)

Steven ‘Snowy’ Snow is a great mate of Pinetrees. He’s visited at least five times, has trained some of Lord Howe’s best chefs, and with his wife Morgan, has taught us how to survive in the restaurant game. And he should know – his restaurant, Fins, has had at least one Chef Hat for more than twenty years and continues to break new ground in the regional fine dining scene. Next time you’re anywhere near the Gold Coast, then drive about 15 minutes south of Tweed Heads to Kingscliff and treat yourself to an amazing meal. Trust us – the food is exceptional.

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