Australian Traveller Magazine


Australian Traveller Magazine with a feature article about Lord Howe IslandAustralian Traveller Magazine is the Rolls Royce of Australian travel writing. We love the words, pictures, styling - even the ads (yes, that’s weird). The whole magazine is classy, and just about every holiday we’ve had in the last few years has been inspired from a lazy afternoon with Australian Traveller. We’ve had a few articles in the magazine over the years, but we’d never hosted the Editor, until Lara Picone visited in April. Lara is young – thirty something – and you know she’s good because media land is a very competitive place. The thing about Lara, though, is that she’s also a proper writer. Her feature article about her recent stay with us, in the latest issue of Australian Traveller, is probably the best article we’ve read about Lord Howe Island and Pinetrees.

We did get a lot done during her short stay, and I can’t recall Lara sitting for long at any stage. Of course, this hosting strategy can fail dismally if the writer is looking for some relaxation and reflection time, but luckily for us (and despite her numerous scratches) Lara actually enjoyed the pace. Thanks Lara - next time you need to cram an 8 day trip into 4 days, you know who to call.

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