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A Great Review in the Australian


Walkers at the Pots Holes on Lord Howe IslandLee Atkinson is the undisputed Queen of Australian travel writing, and she’s kind of scary. You see, Lee is more like a ‘hotel critic’ than a travel writer, and she’s reviewed just about everywhere. She’s serious, conscientious and she doesn’t smile much (at least for the first few hours), and that comes with the territory of being the Queen of Australian travel writing. When we agreed to host Lee on the Seven Peaks Walk, as part of a larger story on luxury walking in Australia, we were slightly worried. We’re comfortable looking after people on holidays, but the Seven Peaks Walk is kind of hard, and people get exhausted and have tantrums. In the past, we’d vetted journalists to make sure they could actually climb Mt Gower, but we had no idea about Lee, and it could all go wrong very quickly.

Luckily, as an experienced adventure travel writer, Lee had climbed Mt Gower before – it was the hardest thing she’d ever done her life – but at least she knew what to expect (and dwell on). This time around, I think she said it might have been a bit easier, maybe, but we didn’t see much of her afterwards. The next day, though, she was all smiles and glowing with the accomplishment, and judging by her feature article in the Australian, I think we got away with it! Lee – next time – let’s go snorkelling and have cocktails.

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