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 Haloumi salad at Pinetrees - Lord Howe Island

Sometimes you feel like a good lunch. You may be entertaining, relaxing or just looking to kill time on a wet winter day. You may have no reason, other than you love food – like us! In designing a lunch menu, there’s a grey zone between ‘tricked up’ cafe food and restaurant food, and our lunch dishes at Pinetrees sit somewhere in this zone. The dishes are a bit more complex, but without the long preparation time. They’re also lighter, so you can take on an afternoon of activity (or sleep). Below are some of our lunch dishes from random days over the last 12 months. They should give you some useful ideas about flavours and textures...

Poached chicken
with a ginger and chicken broth, jasmine rice and a shallot and garlic relish

Crispy skin blue-eye cod
with Asian greens and hot and sour sauce

Grilled eye-fillet steak sandwich
with caramalised onions, smoked mozzarella, tomato relish and chips.

Lord Howe Island Kingfish
with green beans, olives, tomato and feta salad with basil vinaigrette

Veal escalopes
with pickled beetroots, fennel, parmesan, and garlic verjus sauce

Soy chicken
with soba noodle and cucumber salad and ginger sesame dressing

Roast pork
with celeriac remoulade, sweet corn salad and sherry vinegar reduction

Lamb souvlaki
with falafel, tabouli, cucumber salad and garlic sauce

Mezze plate
with jamon, mushroom bruschetta, and beetroot relish

Pan fried veal
with tomato, bocconcini, and prosciutto

Satay chicken
with spiced peanut sauce, steamed rice, and tomato and cucumber

Pan fried kingfish
with beetroot and walnut salad, and grapefruit vinaigrette

Grilled chicken
with apple, golden beets, radish and walnut salad, and coconut vinaigrette

Pan fried veal escallop
with pearl barley tabouli, hummus, and cherry tomato salsa

Poached chicken
with a ginger and chicken broth, jasmine rice and a shallot and garlic relish

Crispy skin blue-eye cod
with Asian greens and hot and sour sauce

Spanner crab risotto
roast capsicum, snow peas and herbs

House smoked duck
pistachio cream, orange and herb salad

Spring vegetable risotto
with garden herbs, parmesan cheese, and olive oil

Pan fried kingfish
with garlic prawns, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, and smoky pepper butter

Grilled chicken satay
with jasmine rice, tomato and cucumber salad

Prawn cocktail
with cos, garlic croutons, cherry tomato and brandy aioli

Grilled Lord Howe kingfish
with vine ripened tomato sauce, fennel salad and fried polenta

Swiss brown mushroom bruschetta
with garlic oil, crispy brie and local greens

Thai beef salad
with Asian vegetables, and soy and ginger dressing

Toasted bagel
with jamon, fresh herbs, and horseradish cream

Chicken and vegetable pie
with Dijon mustard, cauliflower, and puff pastry

Pork and shallot sang choy bow
with oyster sauce, sesame, and prawn crackers

Pan fried veal fillet
with polenta, spinach, goat curd and sage verjuice butter.

Lord Howe Island Kingfish yellow curry
With shallot rice cucumber pickle and broccolini

Pan fried Lord Howe Island kingfish
with saffron fennel braise, parsnip, and lemon butter

Panko crumbed veal fillet
with asparagus, and parmesan, artichoke feta cream

Modern fisherman's basket
Lord Howe Island fish, white scallops, banana prawns, and sauce gribiche

Jamon salad
with Jerusalem artichokes, witlof, walnuts, and cherry vinaigrette

Confit duck
with soba noodles, spiced pears and sweet mirin

Cuttlefish and king prawn salad
with peas, jerusalem artichokes and garlic vinaigrette

Roasted veal fillet
with butternut pumpkin, prosciutto, and sage and pinenut butter

Pan fried Lord Howe Island morwong
with tomato and fennel salad, and hummus

Pan fried trevalla
with celeriac roulade, and avocado and lime salsa

Chicken satay
with carrot, raisin and cucumber salad and minted yoghurt

Homemade fettuccine
with prawns, tomato, and parsley

Thai beef salad
with roast garlic paste and ginger lime dressing

Swiss brown mushroom risotto
with white asparagus and rocket

Tempura fish
with jasmine rice, hot and sour sauce, and coriander vinaigrette

Pancetta and pea risotto
with mint gremolata

Smoked chicken and cous cous salad
with harissa yoghurt

Homemade parpadelle pasta
with king prawns, and gremolata

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