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Dani Rourke in Collective Magazine


The cover of Collective Magazine featuring Lord Howe Island

There’s a 2 page feature article about Dani in the latest issue of Collective Magazine. The journalist, Catherine Best, came to cover one of our Walking and Photography Weeks and was so taken by Dani’s story of an ‘unlikely hotelier’ that she was commissioned to write the article for Collective. We laughed about Blake Lively being on the cover of a magazine featuring Dani – they’re kind of different generations that happened to overlap, very briefly, when Hollywood came to Lord Howe last year (and luckily left again, never to return).

Collective Magazine is a classy publication with real content, minimal ads and only a few salutes to celebrity. Most of the articles are about real people doing good things. It’s worth a read! 

Collective article Collective article (1312 KB)

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