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Cooking with Tom Kime


Tom Kime on Lord Howe IslandCelebrity chef, Tom Kime, has just finished his third trip to Pinetrees to teach our guests about authentic regional food. Tom is not a practitioner of ‘fusion cooking’ (and I suggest that you don’t ask him about it), but instead cooks authentic food the way each respective culture has done it for decades, or indeed centuries. Did you know the combination of chocolate and chilli is thousands of years old? Tom’s demonstrations are absolute sensory delights with beautiful smells, funny stories and the most beautiful food cooked with care and respect. Over 4 days, he cooked (and we tasted) 25 recipes from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan, France, Morocco, Spain and Italy. Even the simple combinations were incredible – think watermelon, lime juice and salt – and he left every guest with every recipe to cook at home.

Tom has also published six cookbooks which you can buy at Stay tuned for dates for Tom’s visit to Pinetrees in Spring 2014.

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