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Cooking with Peter Kuruvita


Peter Kuruvita on Lord Howe IslandPeter Kuruvita had just returned from filming his third TV series in Mexico when he arrived at Pinetrees to teach his unique style of cooking – a blend of soft spices and fine food technique. This was Pete’s second trip to Pinetrees and every recipe was new and beautiful (his dhal is by far the best I’ve ever tasted and we still have some frozen in our freezer for quiet nights at home). Famous food critic, and editor of the SMH Good Food Guide, Simon Thomsen, also joined the cooking week while his kids attended our cupcake and pizza classes. Pete’s 5 course feature dinner was the highlight of the week, with aromatic Mexican dishes unlike anything we’d tasted before, and his final lunch was a spectacular spread of 25 curries and condiments. Can you imagine the colour of food on each plate with the liberal use of turmeric, chilli and coriander? Pete is one of Australia’s most famous chefs and you can source his cookbooks and documentaries from

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