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Better Homes and Gardens again!


For the third time in 12 months, Lord Howe has featured on Better Homes & Gardens. The celebrity chef, Karen Martini, and her film crew stayed with us for four days and filmed three cooking segments using fresh Lord Howe seafood. It was great to see the Pinetrees boatshed deck (and our front sign) on prime time TV in the first two segments. The weather over the two filming days was perfect. The third segment went to air on Friday 12 October, and featured Karen cooking calamari and chorizo kebabs on the wood-fired BBQ at Neds.

Behind the scenes, the crew were great to work with. There was the 'talent' (Karen), producer, cameraman, sound man, hair and makeup and food stylist. TV people are absolutely normal and work long hours for a few short segments. At one stage, our school kids came to watch the production and the crew answered all of their questions with patience and enthusiasm. The best part of the job, in this case, was the chance to eat Karen's food after the shoot. Yes, the calamari and chorizo kebabs were amazing!

Thanks Better Homes & Gardens for featuring Pinetrees and Lord Howe Island!

Karen Martini on the Boatsehd deck - Lord Howe Island

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