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Who won the Facebook Challenge


Wow! 468 entries on the competition post, and another 50 or so in random places on our Facebook page. The quality of writing was, frankly, amazing. We never knew there were so many poets among us - all that Shakespeare and Whitman at high school was worthwhile. We also never knew that people were so strategic, cunning and corruptible. We had offers (in prose) that would make the heavies at ICAC frown! And, between us, we never knew that 'mature' people were so distracted by the opposite sex. Husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends all seem to want more (or less) of each other - you can probably guess which way it swings.

Anyway, sexual distractions aside, the judges were looking for something funny. If it made us smile, it got a tick. If it made us giggle, it got two ticks. And if it made us laugh, it made the short list. A few made us cry, but had to be censored out of contention from fear of offense. Some of our short listed entries include:

No mobile phone reception! Like, you should be charging people double to go there, not giving it away! Is there a place to sit and watch all the executives arrive at the airport and try to get phone could put a hot dog stand there and make a million! (from Andrew Gill)

My Lord Howe Island dream is that scary one about being naked in public. Even though the population is small, the beaches uncrowded and there are many secluded, picturesque spots, my boobies need to be the masked variety because I'm getting close to Mutton Bird Point. (from Kerry Carter)

Away from the rat-race, far from home
Free from worries, kids, the phone,
Dreaming of beaches we will comb
And surfing waters with crystal foam.
Totally relaxed, we’re in the ‘zone’
Loving sweethearts, at last alone…….
Lord, Howe will I cope with hubby’s testosterone!
(from Julie Morello)

Yes, very good. But the entry that ticked every box was a husband and wife effort...

I need romance!
Jazz, a moonlit dance.
Boatshed sunsets, an amazing meal...
Wonderful wine seals the deal.
Hubby's coming for sure...
If he does, he knows the score!
Bird watching on his mind?
Better be the feathered kind!
If fishing's ALL that's in his head...
My girlfriend's coming instead!

I love my dear wife...
but I'm about to get in strife...
Romance instead of fishing?
She can keep wishing!
And I'd play golf all day..
But the missus says NO WAY!
If only she'd spot that sexiest man on TV..
Then it's off to the green for me!

CONGRATULATIONS Helen and Chris Corliss! You've won our Facebook Challenge. Can you please email to make arrangements for your 5 night stay at Pinetrees.

Stay tuned for details on our next competition in 3 weeks, as part of the Destination NSW "Howe's Life" campaign. This competition will include return airfares for two and 5 nights in a luxury one bedroom Garden Cottage.

Thanks for participating!

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