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The Lord Howe Island Signal is our local paper, which is edited and published by islander Barney Nichols. Every fortnight Barney produces a fascinating mix of Lord Howe news, gossip and opinion. We love it! The mailing list for the Signal is international, and you should join – please call Barney on 02 65632471 or email to join the mailing list. The following are a few modified extracts from the 22 February 2013 edition.

The Pyramid’s Big Old Reef

Coming from Dr Brendan Brook’s presentation on ‘Seabed habitats and drowned reefs on the Ball’s Pyramid shelf’ was an interesting update on the drowned coral reef around Balls Pyramid. Dr Brook is Group Leader (Coastal, Marine and Climate Change) with Geosciences Australia and is Co-leader of the project to map Lord Howe’s nearby waters. His findings are surprising. It turns out that the former coral reef around Ball’s Pyramid was about 20 times larger than the existing reef, during a time of lower sea levels around 7000 years ago.

Helicopter Returns to Help the Weeders

The Lord Howe Island Board and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage are working together again on a project to remove weeds from the permanent park preserve. The helicopter winches in staff to inaccessible locations, where ‘weeders’ systematically remove weeds from an organised grid system. They are particularly keen to remove the remaining Cherry Guava – a plant that has invaded many Pacific islands.

Visit by the Southern Surveyor

The 66m Australian Government research ship, Southern Surveyor, recently visited Lord Howe Island. This is the last voyage before being replaced by a new research ship, Investigator, in 2014. The current voyage for 10 days carried researchers from the University of Wollongong and Geosciences Australia.

De Rusett Wins the Pumpkin Growing Contest

For the second year running, Lorraine De Rusett has won the Lord Howe Island pumpkin growing contest with a solid 15.7kg pumpkin. Her winning pumpkin in 2012 was even bigger at 28.55kg.

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