Photography on Lord Howe Island

Photographers are the most enthusiastic visitors to Lord Howe. There are more 'L series' lenses than most destinations in Australia, and it's easy to understand why – the landscape and underwater photography is dazzling.

Everywhere you look on Lord Howe there are amazing colours and textures. The light can be bright to showcase the range of blues in the water, it can be soft to provide tonal contrast in the landscape, and it can be saturated. Best of all, you get to see the sunrise and sunset over water every day.

Bird photographers take enthusiasm to a new level. They're everywhere – in the tops of trees, hidden in the grass, at the most remote locations at dawn - and they're all looking for the perfect photo. They may already have a good frame of a Red-tailed tropic bird, but there's always a better one. Sound familiar?

It's not just the professional and passionate amateur photographers that love Lord Howe. Anyone with a digital camera and a bit of inspiration can take amazing photos. Where else can you see your husband in knee deep water with hundreds a fish, or your partner climbing a rope up the final ridge of Mt Gower, or your teenage daughter with a 15kg kingfish on the line, or your mother on a push bike for the first time in 30 years? It's not all action photography, though, there are plenty of daily 'snapshots' of beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets. Have a look at our photo gallery and read the Locals' Guide to Lord Howe Island to learn more about our best photography locations.

Photography from Goat House on Lord Howe IslandSunset photography on Lord Howe IslandOne handed photography on Lord Howe IslandClimbing to Goat House on Lord Howe Island

This was my second visit to Lord Howe Island. Last visit I only dined at Pinetrees Lodge and promised myself to stay there next visit. I was not disappointed! From the food through to the friendly staff, I could not have been any more impressed. Keep up the great tradition that has been maintained over the years. See you next year!
Peter, Engadine NSW

Pinetrees Lodge is beautiful. The staff are incredible and the food delicious. A beautiful place where you can be as active or as relaxed as you choose.
Stan & Sheila, Batemans Bay NSW

We loved our stay at Pinetrees Lodge. We were impressed by the friendly and helpful staff, the excellent food and the amazing beauty of the Island. We can’t wait to return.
Penelope & Nick, Beecroft NSW

The food at Pinetrees Lodge is fantastic! Our compliments to the chef. The service was great and the staff very obliging (there is nothing they can’t do for you). The fish feeding on Ned’s Beach, the magnificent views, snorkelling the amazing coral reef – a wonderful experience. I will be back! 10/10
Lynette & John, Castle Hill NSW

Lord Howe Island is a place out of time. The sand, sea, walking trails, a place to recharge with time to think and feel. Thank you for the peace, harmony and humour. Our stay at Pinetrees Lodge was Heavenly – it is like being admitted into a happy family!
Trish, Raymond Terrace NSW

The food at Pinetrees Lodge is brilliant and there is a very relaxed, family felt atmosphere, wonderful service and staff who couldn’t do enough for you. I have travelled quite a lot and this was better than I expected. Lord Howe Island is pristine, peaceful and unique.

Every member of staff at Pinetrees Lodge was friendly, polite and nothing was too much trouble for them. It was perfect.
Estelle & Peter, Forestville NSW

Pinetrees Lodge has facility, service and good dining set in a scenic surround. Interesting and diverse flora and fauna.
Tony & Jude, Darwin NT

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"Our family has been visiting Pinetrees for some twenty years and we now bring three generations to this beautiful destination."

David, NSW